No Smoking Day
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AAAAAARRRGGHHHH - I'm desperate!

Oh god - I really spoke too soon yesterday. "Day 5 feeling much better". Well it's now day 6 and I'm craving worse than ever. I just can't stop thinking about smoking. I've eaten a ton of chocolate and chewed gum but it's not helping. I've even been to have a look if I've got enough cash in my purse to go and buy fags. The demon in the back of my mind is saying "surely one wouldn't be the end of the world?"

Please help - I just feel like crying

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Nellie, don't go out!! Don't do this to yourself please! breathe deep, in and out slowly, try to get back in control of your breathing hun, you can do it. We have all been through what you're going through now, a real bad craving, I promise it WILL go away soon. Trust me, it will, but you be strong! Talk to us, ok? How are you feeling now? What triggered this thing?

Edited to add a huge hug and a virtual shoulder to cry on! *HUGS*


try and hang in there .

i on day severn tomorrow , lets get there together:D please dont let me go on my own .i need your help as much as you need mine:D


You can do it, you really can. What about a nice soak in a hot bath and a early night.



Hold on girl. You can get through this. You made it through 5days already. Thats the best part of a week. Just think one puff would put you right back to where you started. Where you started is desperately wishing you were where you are today.

Stay strong Nellie!


Breath deep hun! Lets think about this for a second. You are having a craving for something that is terrible for you. Now if you had a craving for poison would you drink some or eat it?! Of course not! Craving a ciggie is craving death. The next ciggie that you smoke could be the one that gives you cancer. Don't take the chance! Now, if you did give in to the demon you would have 5-7 minutes puffing away for a lifetime of unhappiness because you would start up from square one again. You obviously wanted to quit for a reason - so remember the reasons and stick with it. Fight that urge cause it WILL go away soon. Sorry to be so blunt about the cancer, but I believe that and knowing that in the back of my mind helps me to fight the demon off. You can do it - we are here with you and we need you here to help us as we are here to help you. ;) Fight girl, FIGHT!


Hi Nelly,

If things get too bad just take yourself off to bed early and tomorrow will be another day.

Good luck



If you feel like cry then bawl your eyes out!!

Find a distraction, Only a few hours left till tomorrows another day x x x x

You have come so far and so well you have done it!

Smile to yourself and win the battle for today x x

~Buffy x x


Well I'm crying my eyes out now - partly cos I want to smoke, partly cos I feel like such a prat and partly cos I'm just so touched by your support. You are a really wonderful bunch of people. Sorry if that sounds a little nauseating but I'm feeling a bit emotional at the moment :o .

I AM NOT GOING TO SMOKE! I'm just going to keep re-reading your messages until this horrible feeling goes away.

Thankyou again folks - I hope I can return the favour some time xxx


Good for you Nellie x x x x


~Buffy x x x x x x x


Ohhh Nellie!! You are having such a terrible day of it! I have been in your shoes before and i know how badly it tears us up. Why don't you go make yourself a cup of tea and read the posts or snuggle up with a good book in bed?! I hope you feel much better tomorrow! Head up hun - you will make it outta this feeling soon! ;)


Sweetheart I hope you feel better, but sob the evening away if you feel like it! I know I did it a couple times when nothing else seemed to calm me down and guess what, I felt much better afterwards :o Don't be too hard on yourself, this is one hell of a tough war and no one expects anyone to win it effortlessly and with an eternal smile plastered all over the face! But please stay smoke-free hun, it is so rewarding - and tomorrow you'll be so proud of yourself! that satisfaction alone is worth the pain ;)



i hope you're feeling better than you were earlier, sorry i wasn't on earlier to give you more support:) (got to fight the kids on an evening to get on the pc). but everyone else has left you suppportive messages for you, thats the best thing about comming on here! you know you'll always get support from the people who know how you're feeling & just what you're going thru.

just think how far you've come already! and how bad you'll feel if you fall fowl of that nicotine monster:) YOU CAN DO THIS! it is hard and it's a real rollercoaster ride,but it is a battle that you can win!!! just try to be strong!(even if it means going thru a box of kleenex tissues! ) better the box of tissues that the box of fags:D !

anyway nellie i hope you feel better and manage to have a good night's sleep,you'll be soooooo proud that you got thru tonight,(but if you did'nt?? i hope you still continue thru this fight with the nic monster!) and keep posting, thats the key!! WE'RE ALL HERE FOR YOU!! AND SOOOOO PROUD OF HOW FAR YOU'VE COME ALREADY!:)

best wishes..luv poskit.x


thinking of you

dear nellie- 2 days ago i was sitting here with weepy eyes cause i felt so touched by all of your support including yours! and thanks to you guys i'm sitting here on day 5 still not smoking - let me give something to you

i believe you can do it and a big hug to you

:) :) :) victoria


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