Still not one puff

Hi all, I had a very moanie day yesterday so thought I'd let everyone know that today is completely different. I feel good. I feel strong and I feel determined. I know there will be a few more tough times to come but I feel ready for them now. I can feel my nico:eek:monsters getting weaker.

Waist line is getting bigger but lungs are getting cleaner!

Thanks for all the support, Good luck everyone, stay strong


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  • Me too

    Hi Hopeful

    I had a horror of a day yesterday and the nights havnt been much better. Today though like you im strong again and focused. Keep it up , we can do this.




  • Hi Hopeful :D

    So glad you feel better today after that bad day yesterday feeling strong and determined

    Yes there may be some bad days to come but you know now that you can beat them


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Hopful and EBT girl,

    Well done to both of you on beating major craves yesterday and reaching day 4.

    Knew you could do it:).

  • Hi hopefull and ebt girl, well done almost four days done and you will both be at 5 days almost one week!

    Getting through some tough craves is a great way to boost your confidence, each time makes you stronger and more determined, keep going girls you doing bloody brill!


  • Yeah thanks all, EBT girl and I are tough cookies and were going to stay that way.

    thanks so much for all the support, can't tell you how much this is helping me.

    Stay strong, DEATH TO THE :eek: NICKO MONSTERS

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