Not a single puff for over 5 months

Hi folks,

Ive been totally smoke free now for over 5 calander months. Goes to show Im over the worst because I only realised this today!!! I hadnt even been thinking about it.

I do still get the occasional craving but it never lasts too long and they are getting few and far between.

So thanks to everyone thats helped me along the way. Ive still got a way to go before I think Ill feel totally free (if ever) but Im certainly getting there

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  • Hi James,

    5 months is great well done mate:)


  • Thanks mate, just saw your thread on here, sorry to see you go but I totally understand your reasoning.

    Take care and good luck in your new life as a successful non smoker !

  • Hi James,

    Well done on getting to five months quit, and without realising it too! Excellent stuff.


  • Well done James 5 months done, keep at it;)

    Von XXX

  • well done James great work.xxxxxx

  • Well done James xxxxx 5 months is great xxx

  • 5 months is great, well done!

  • Hi James, well done. Keep it up.

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