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No Smoking Day
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Yesterday.....No Thoughts About Fags!

Do you know, yesterday, it was around 7 o'clock in the evening and I was just looking out of the window and as I watched as a guy walked by smoking I realised I had not had a single thought about cigarettes since the previous day - until that moment!

I was really pleased and amazed! Usually, I have thoughts about cigarettes throughout the day (two or three at the most) and these memories are usually triggered by the smell of smoking (even though it is revolting to me now). Usually, I smell smoke or see someone smoking and think "I want one", I don't really want one but the memory triggers the thought. Sometimes, if I am a bit stressed (strong emotions) then I will think I want a cigarette for a while longer until my mind wanders onto something else.

Recently though, I have noticed that not only have these thoughts decreased in their numbers throughout the day, they have almost faded in intensity into nothing.

The thoughts about wanting to smoke now are so weak and quiet that they have no impact on me now at all.

I never would have believed it looking back since October. Who would have thought that each day it just gets so easy to just not smoke.

I think that for people who have stopped smoking for six months or more, if they are still struggling maybe need to look at why they are struggling at what they still believe about smoking.

I think much of this is about challenging old belief systems and letting go of old habits and creating new healthier habits.


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Well done Lisa

You are doing soooooooooooo well mate. Forgetting about smoking is what every exsmoker wants so CONGRATS girl good for you.xxxxxxxxx


Hi Lisa :D

Great post I also find I don't really think about smoking any more just get the odd very fleeting thought naw and then


Marg xxxxxxx


Thanks Lisa..... the day you described is the day I am looking forward to :D and I am hopeful it is not too far away. Great post..... thank you for sharing :D


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