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really struggling today


I'm new to this forum and very grateful that I found it. I've spent alot of yesterday reading everyone's notes and replies, and even started a thread of my own. I was more than pleased to receive replies and found them very encouraging.

Thanks to all who replied.

Yesterday I put myself on the two month page, but now I think I've worked out how this works.

Although I started quitting on the 25th of Feb, I keep having slip ups, or days off as I have been calling them. The next day I start again and don't let the slips get me down.

Well now I've found a whole bunch of good people, who all support each other, I'm going to try hard to not have anymore days off!

The reason I'm telling you this is because I'm really feeling tempted to have one of these days again.

I suppose my nico monsters have now got used to being fed about once a week and I'm actually tricking myself into believing that I'm quitting, when in actually fact, if I'm bruttally honest, it's been more of a drastic reduction than a real quit.

I smoked at least 30 rollies a day for many many years

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Hi you.... sorry you're feeling the craves..... but you know, you are just making it so very hard on yourself..... as a 30 a day smoker, smoking just once a week is complete deprivation and I am surprised you have gone so far! You are keeping the nicodemon alive and just torturing yourself..... commit and don't smoke..... don't do it half way. Chose the direction you want to go and give it your all! Hang in there.... we are here to support you :)

Thanks for that Bellablue, your right. This not smoking makes me so tired and that's why I have an odd one. But this time I'm not having anymore days off. Commit myself as you said.

Good job you...... I know it is tough at times..... craves and thinking of smokes all day, day in day out...... BUT the day will come when you think of them less and less and it feels soooooo good to be free of them. You have to pay the dues you know....... a short time of discomfort for a life time of freedom. It is worth it!!! Stay positive..... :D big hug for ya:D

Hi hopeful :D

Sorry your craves are bad just now but I agree with Bella on this

You're only prolonging the agony by feeding the monster however seldom

It just makes it so long drawn out and until you're completely nicotine free

You'll continue to have these craves and the longer it will take to heal as well

So take the plunge now, we are all here for you and will help all we can


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx

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