One Month Today!!

The cakes are on me! Exactly one month today, phew! I have to say Im feeling good, smelling sweet but have caved in to afew extra treats of sweets and choccies so have developed some muffin tops that need to go! so im restarting back on my weight watchers regime today to shift the extra few pounds Ive gained. (the first two weeks I was really focussed and lost 4lb but over the last 3 weeks ive been having lots of treats!)

I had a smoking dream last night, I bought a 20 pack of regal king size (i used to smoke them when I was a teenager) got one out, had a drag and then thought oh no I dont smoke any more, I stubbed it out and threw the pack away but was gutted that I had to go back to day one on here. I was wandering around and was talking to my friend about it and then the MMQ crew were there. then I woke up!!

well a massive thanks to everyone for all your support as week 3 was tough and with your support I got through it and now Im in Month One!!!! Yipppeeeeeeeeee :D:D:D

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  • Well done moogy!!! 1 whole month yippee-you are doing great xxx

  • Well Done!

  • Heya Moog,


    I'm still a couple of weeks behind you - try as I might I can't seem to catch up any quicker:D

    I've had 3 or 4 smoking dreams now - but I haven't had a puff in any of them.

    Keep it going, and if you're happy to hang around for a while in the Month 1 section, I'll be there in about 13 days!


    P.S. If that's a chocolate cake you got there, then carve me a nice big slice, thanx!!!:D

  • Hi Sam :D

    1 whole month congratulations and well done big hug on it's way


    Marg xxxxxxxx


    One month is excellent!!! Bet your well chuffed with yourself and quite right too!

    Keep it up!

    Lottie -x-

  • thanks everyone, chocolate cake all round! my work colleague has bought me a chocolate handbag to celebrate.

    Im off out at lunch to buy myself something nice, maybe a kaftan to hide the muffin tops!!

    keep up the great work everyone xxxxx

  • congratulations..

    its my 1 month today as well... to be honest ive hardly really thought about smoking much.. although this morning i rushed out the door.. grabbed my purse, keys and...... oops lost my fags until i remembered that i didnt actually smoke anymore.. lol that was so random and totally out the blue it made me giggle...

    now i dont know if its just me or a side effect but my skin isnt looking too good recently ive broke out in a few spots nothing major but didnt know if this was my body correcting itself... i mean i do get told i look young but i think the spotty teenager look is pushing it lol......


  • well done to you too! my skin was awful for the first couple of weeks but its cleared up now and i got this special stuff from clarins that makes your skin look great.

    Just bought a lovely new handbag as a treat xx



  • Bloody marvellous Moog. Well done you!!

    I'll join you in the 1 month club tomorrow for more cake!

    TT x

  • Mmmmmm did i hear cake :rolleyes:

  • FANTASTIC !! So glad you caught me up.. these 'extra poUnds' are total crap i must say, excuse the language but they well pee me off......I lost in the first 2 weeks but now for some reason the good lord above seems to be punishing me for quitting by giving me more lard on my **** !!!

    Hmm, well i guess il have to find a 'shift them pounds forum' next !! Happy days eh ????

    Anyways well done to you and keep going as uv done fabulous !!

  • Well done to Moog and Jewls26, one month done and dusted, and cake, everyone loves cake and hey whats a few extra pounds compared with smoking, keep up the great work and look forward to seeing you in the one month room!


  • Hooray

    Brill Moog Massive big well done, Only 2 days behind u Keep up the great work:)

  • Congratulations on a month - superb stuff!

  • Hi Jewls :D

    1 whole month congratulations and well done big hug on it's way just for you


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Well done Moog.. and the rest of the 1 monthers.

    Muffin tops are hot:rolleyes:


  • muffin tops rule !

    Well done Moog.. and the rest of the 1 monthers.

    Muffin tops are hot:rolleyes:


    thanks, it was your post that really got me through a dark patch. really, thanks loads x:D

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