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3rd whole day!!!!


Hey guys,

I decided on Friday that i was gonna have to just pick a day as i didn't think my Champix were working!!! I'd been on them 10 days and was getting worried....so i decided that that was enough, gonna do it now.

Well its my third whole day of not smoking and man am i chuffed with myself..the best bit is the tablets have obviously been working all along and i have to say that so far, it's not been anywhere near as bad as i'd anticipated. I've had a few moments where i thought i could do with a smoke but it was gone as soon as it came. I tried nrt a few weeks ago and all i could think about was cigarettes, dreaming about them and everything...climbing the walls etc.

I'm enjoying this state and i'm very optimistic so well done to all of you for staying off the cigs.....we can do this. :-)


Smoked 30-40 a day for more than 20 years

Using Champix ( it's gr8!!)

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WOW !! dippy doris,

That is Great Keep Up The Good Work, Like You I To Am At Day 3 And Feeling

Really Happy And Positive. ReallY Pleased For You. Stay Strong.

Lots Of Love Ali-bubs XX:D

Glad you are feeling strong, DippyD :D Being positive is more than half the battle won! Stay that way :D:D

Hi Doris :D

Three days that's great and after today there will be no Nicotine left in your system

You're doing really well and sound really positive


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well done-just had to read this thread purely because i like your name!!!:D

You're doing very well and sound very positive.

Keep up the good work!

Lottie -x-


Thank you for all your support and smilies!!!

Well i'm off to day 4-7....good luck to all of you, Ali bubs, c u in there!!!

Dippy xxxx

well done to you! You sound really positive!

Well done you

Hi Dippy

Well done you, hope you stay strong.... Im just starting my 3rd day. Feel knackered but pleased with myself.




Way to go dippy doris..

Yep i too am on champix and was due to stop on 11 march, however ran out of tobacco on day nine and thought 'WHY NOT' ... and here i am on day three..

I use a tip i found on forum.. 'no way out'. . when , about four or five times a day , those little suckers rear their ugly head...

my mind just snaps them shut with ... i will give myself "NO WAY OUT" to use them again... EVER..

it really is a buzz to beat the little suckers isn't it..

i have never considered it was my need to suck them.. you know that hand to mouth thing... for me it was my time out... now i take time out without the cigarettes.. and no more sucking , puffing and blowing out required...

i have given myself permission to take time out.. the cigarette is no more an excuse to take time out...

Its great to meet another in a similar point in time dippy doris.. and many thanks for your post which is giving me a spur to keep on going..

cheers jane

thirty per day more than 30 years..

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