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Newbie on 3rd day of Champix


Hi everyone, new to all this, have tried so many times to stop smoking. patches hypnotherapy and Zyban, so this is the final try after hearing so many good and positive things about Champix, i have smoked 20 cigs for the last 47 years and recently started work in a Marie Curie Hospice.... i want to stop for my health and my pocket and starting work in the place i.m in was the straw that decided it for me, as i say in my title i`m on day 3 and on 0.5 mg, tomorrow i start 0.5mg twice a day so have a wee way to go yet, i can see me on here quite a lot :)

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Hiya Bambi and welcome!!

There's lots of people on here who used Champix and they're like the riginal nonsmokers now - you can definitely do it!!

Post whenever you get the urge :) everyone is either going through the same thing or has gone through it so there's always someone to help, listen or distract you!!

Good luck

Hi Bambi,

I also smoked for 47 years and also on Champix.I will be on day 5 tomorrow. I haven't had any side effects as yet - or noticed any difference in the urge to smoke. It's still early days though. You (we all) have made a great decision. Fags OUT!!!!

Hi Bambi

Welcome and good luck to you, as Gemma said there are loads of lovely people on here if u ever need to rant/scream or just want to have a natter with :) good luck xx

Welcome to the forum Bambi, I'm a Champix quitter too. Post often and we'll all help you through as best we can :)


Thats me on day 5 and dont real feel any different,.i`m still smoking as normal, i know when i go onto the full dose it will probably hit me like a ton of bricks haha....

In the past when i tried the patches i thought about cigarettes constantly, can anyone tell me if thats the same with Champix??

Thanks for the support guys i hope i can do it xx

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