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My usual Saturday morning was spent on computer drinking coffee and nipping out the back for a smoke every so often...

Today has been strange been doing the computer and coffee bit .... lol not giving them all up.... but have this urge to go out for a smoke, been really weird,

I'm not going to do it because I dont smoke....

I keep telling myself it will go away but its not today....

It's not bothering or upsetting me just strange......

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Hi Greg :D

Yep you're having a trigger just one of the many but next time you spend time on the computer with a coffee it won't feel so weird Promise glad it's not bothering or upsetting you, but you know you can still go outside for a break you just can't smoke OK


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

Thanks Marg......

Yeh guess just got to keep at it...... lol fighting off these little demons lol .....

Im not going to smoke and the little demons are just waisting there time haha


Yea I had one of those this evening!!

I just poured a glass of wine, partner having a cig and I thought hmmm whats missing out of this picture *strokes chin with finger and thumb* wellllll cant say it bothered me. Didnt want one. Just sort of different scenario but will get used to it. I will have to get used to it, no debating that one!!

Glad you got through your trigger, just shoot em down, oh dear puns terrible hehe:D

Glad you're staying strong, Greg!! Those craves are such a pain but each time you win, they get weaker.... the craves get worse though when you start to reminisce or mope..... take Marg's advice.... go out for a break.... don't deprive yourself.... breathe in fresh air and smile and remember a fag sure as heck doesn't make that break better..... the purpose of the fag was simply to feed your addiction. Stay positive!! :):)

Well, I went out with my mum today to the pub to watch footie for first timme since my quit!!!

I thought it was gonna be really hard!! ( cos my mum smokes ).... IT WAS WEIRD!! but only for the first 10 minutes!! I actually ended up feeling sorry for her, cos about 3 hours lateR, she went out for a cig and came back in freezing and wet through!! :D:D I know I shouldn't laugh.... but I did feel all warm ( in more ways than one ) :D ANOTHER BIGGY DONE AND DUSTED ;)

Hi Angela & Slinky :D :D

Well done both of you beating off triggers today that's great


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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