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Woohoo! Day 6!

Woop! Woop! It's day 6, and I'm deffo over the worst now, no bad mornings. Feel great! Go MMQ crew! I need to go to Boots in town to get some nicorette gum at some point. A massive thank-you to all the members here, I would be smoking right now if it wasn't for this forum. :)

I think people who have never had to go through this really don't know just how hard it is to quit. There is a heck of a lot of ignorance out there :(. Still, we all know how hard it is, and what an achievement we have made to stop polluting ourselves.


Heavenly Father, hear my plea,

and grant my lungs serenity.

Give me strength to kick the smoking

that's been causing all my choking.

Let my breath be fresh and clean

without a trace of nicotine.

Guide me by your holy means

past all those cigarette machines.

I ask your help and it's no wonder

'cause if I don't guit, I'm six feet under.


Keep up the good work, MMQs!

Love P. x

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WELL DONE on getting to day 6 P!

I feel exactly the same, if it wasn't for this forum and the positive attitudes from everyone here, I would probably be smoking again, Alas I'm not, so no need to go there:D

Ahh I like your smoker's prayer it really does ring true.

Hope your day carries on going well:D:D

Lottie -x-


Only a matter of hours to go now till I am on day 6 too so better keep a look out over your shoulder. :p

Haha, "who's that racing towards me and J? Oh, it's lottie and CJM!"



Great stuff Raddleman, CJM and Lottie,

Day 6 is FAB, you'll be hitting that one week mark so soon. :D

Keep it up you MMQ Crew, and all quitters everywhere!



Raddleman...........So glad you are feeling over the worst.

We are so close to having ONE WEEK without the cancer sticks, my gawd I really can't believe we've come this far.

I totally agree with you about this first I kind of lurked and read lots of posts, then I thought "what the heck" can't do any harm to join, if I fail, nobody knows me anyway...;) I feel that everybody knows me (GULP) and by hook or by crook I WILL NOT LET ANY OF YOU DOWN.

WE ARE THE MMQ CREW, Bring it on nicodemon, you won't break us.

Love to all, J. x:D


OMG... you lot are ACE!!! glad eveyone is sounding brill today!!!

I was sat in the sun in the garden earlier...and I got to thinking!! ( i know, it's a dangerous thing ) :D BUT, I thought, ' just think though, if I didn't ever smoke, I would never have got to talking to these lovely people '..... sad I know, but everything happens for a reason.... and I reckon we all stopped smoking in march for a reason too ;) COS MMQ CREW RULE!!!! :D


Hi Slinky, any chance of joining the MMQ crew;)

OMG!! can't believe I didn't add your name to my sig!! :eek: I was sure I did.... oh my minds going now lol..... consider yourself added!! ;):D


Hi Slinky, any chance of joining the MMQ crew;)

Oh wow, I haven't added you.

You are central to the MMQs CJM, you have gone through the bad times, you are an MMQ officer as far as I'm concerned. Keep it up matey!



Hi All

Well done to all you MMQ's and P that's a great Poem


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


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