No Smoking Day
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Slowly but sorely!

Here I am just stepped on week 2!! Thank you thank you you're far to kind!!:)

Oh, wow, what a Day 7!!! Thought I was loosing my mind, really weird, like I noticed more then before that I am actually used to smoke... I thought about it, like a habit I mean, didn't really crave the cigarette! And I was so emotional.. wow... I was laughing and literally the next second I was crying! My coworker made fun of me, so I start laughing again! And the lack of concentration... !! I work in a bar, I am second hand smoking now:( It's everywhere! Had to step outside the patio for some fresh air! Anyway, I am really happy to be here! Last night I kept thinking this is just a phase and part of the healing process and I was right!

Speak to you tomorrow!

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WHOOOOOO well done E!! knew ya would make it to the 2 weekers hehe.

That is one advantage we have in the UK, NO SMOKING in public places. So when we go out for a drink in a bar, we don't have to sit watching smokers and STILL breathing all them chemicals in. Guess we are lucky, although before we gave up, we probably thought we were hard done to :o


Well done mate week two already great work. What your feeling is normal just ride with it and take each day as it comes. Dont worry about tomorrow untill its today.xxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Enough :D

Well done you on reaching week 2 that's great

Everything you're feeling is perfectly normal and as you say part of the healing process that we have to go through in order to win this war that we're all fighting


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


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