DAY 7 & Slowly going crazy!

ARRGGGGGG!! Day 7 guys and gals !!! I just had my dinner and i am having a rough moment right now! I thought i would come and write till the urge goes away! LALALALALALALALALALALAA!! I think I will go have some hot water and lemon - I can't eat right now because I am too full lol! Hopefully the water and lemon will help me out!

CHIN UP - tomorrow will be better!

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  • You can do it - and you know that you can..........

    Good work !! Lot's of posting and "la la la la's" are a thousand times better than one unnecessary drag on a cigarette.........................

    We're here for every mealtime and can listen to the sound of la la la la la la la all day and all night. It's a much nicer sound than the sound of a cig being lit


  • I wish there was more people around from the US to support you at the time of posting :(

    Some of us UK'ers will have to start night shifts :D

    Hope the lemon helped and you slept well x x

    welcome to week 2 x x ~Buffy x x

  • Thanks guys! I made it without slipping :D It took a long while to get the cig thought outta my head though. On day 8 now :D

  • *phew* that was a close one :o

    :D hehehe well done no smoke x x

    ~Buffy x x x

  • Closer than I know, i think lol!

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