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Hi Peeps - Day Three - Clean

Just to let you all know that Mr Pupalup and I are still clean, although its not the end of day 3 yet still a few hours to go.

Spent the day working but had a great walk at lunchtime with a beautiful black labrador who has helped me lose 1/2 stone in the last few weeks. Had to do something other than sit at my desk because I think about is food, so walk then a healthy lunch.

Have found it more difficult this time round but am determined not to give in, OH is same way, he is able to talk about it more this time so that helps me some.

Anyway will post again as soon as able. Stay strong.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx

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Hi there Pupalup,

Well done, its great to hear you and your OH are doing well, I'm also on day 3 and feeling strong!

Keep it up!

Lottie -x-


Hi Pupalug x 2 :D

Yoy're both doing really well day 3 already just hang on in there


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Well done Pupalup and OH,you are so clever,stopping smoking and losing weight,it doesn't get much better.


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