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Woohoo! Day 4!

Hi folks,

Well I've graduated to the day 4-7 section. I keep waking up feeling like death, this morning was difficult, I keep getting those mind games, my brain telling me to have a cigarette. 4 days off tobacco! I feel great right now, but I've learned over the last few days that this can change within a day. The nicorette gum's going well, and my sense of smell last night was wow, I could smell everything.

Thanks guys, for your support and advice, oh and well done J, keep it up quit buddy ;).

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Well Done Raddleman on getting to day 4!

I'll be there tomorrow as I'm only a day behind you, keep it up!:D

Sallymonstar - I've been getting the weirdest dreams, not like the sort your getting...more like I wake up scratching my head thinking "HUH?" because they are completely random:p

Hope everyones doing well:D

Lottie -x-


Hi Raddleman :D

Over half way through the first and worst week and very soon things will start to get better for you

With your sense of smell back you're already starting to feel the benefits, you will start feeling more soon

Sally & Lottie :D

It is normal for us quitters to have weird dreams but they don't last very long the disturbed sleep patterns are also part of quitting due to more oxygen in the blood and therefore more getting to the brain

Love to you all

Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Well Done Raddleman on getting to day 4!

I'll be there tomorrow as I'm only a day behind you, keep it up!:D

Yay, another smokefree buddy! Lottie, keep going - you know it's worth it. You'll look back at this time in your life and think 'i did that' and you'll be glad you did it. I feel proud of myself already, you should be too.

You'll be part of the days 4-7 crew before you know it :D

I'll keep an eye on how you're doing mate. ;)

Love P.


Hey P,

I really am feeling proud of myself:D

Soon enough will be counting the weeks instead of the days then months can't wait:D

I'll be keeping an eye on how your doing too matey:)

Lottie -x-


Hey Raddleman................Thought I'd lost you quit day buddy!!!

Well done day four......will leave you a message tomorrow...I can't believe we are going to day five already. WE ARE BRILLIANT. :D


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