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Remember?! Day 7 - Heaven?!

That was Sallymonstar's post on her day 7!! I was on my day 4 and I thought.. WOW, can't wait to get there! And here I am! My Hell Week is almost over... and I feel just fine!! It is just weird how I think about smoking and it feels like it was... years ago!! I am not beeing cocky here... I know it may "be around the corner" as one of us already said, and I know not all days will be as good as the last 3, but I will have to deal with that when it happens, right? And keep it positive!

Day 6 was good, felt really happy and start sharing with others how I feel and some said it may be an inspiration for them! I hope so cause I wish everybody would experience this! Wen for my first run as a non-smoker... not a great success!!:):) Literally I had to stop and lay down on somebody's laon, while I was begging the landscaper for wather right when I was about to faint!!! Not funny I know, but I can't help mself to make fun of the situation!! Obviously to much oxygen in my brain!! Oh well, again, part of the healing process! Hope one day I will look back and make even more fun of myself thinking what cigarettes did to me! The rest of the day was fine, even though I felt like eating a whole... caw!!:):)

All good, I'll see u all in the second week, all right?

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Well done mate and welcome to week two. Good for you.xxxxxxxxxxxx


well done x I loved that little milestone too :D sounds great A WEEK!!

I set myself milestones all the time now. My first one was 3 day mark. Then it was the week mark. Now I'm on day 9 and can't wait til tomoz to be in double figures. Then It will be the 2 week mark... then the 3 week mark.... and MY BIGGY 1 MONTH :eek: really can't wait to be celebrating that one!!!


Moving up to counting in weeks from days is a major milestone,

Well done.


Hi Enough :D

A whole week tha't great you're doing so well yes the worst week done and I know just how good that feels, you'll soon be counting in months as the time goes so fast

Also well done on your first run as a non smoker alright you say it wasn't a great success but it was after all you did it

Also as you say there may be bad days to come but if they do look back on this good day and it will help you overcome it OK


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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