New Day

22nd day today and im feeling good.. my cravings are getting less and less now... dont get me wrong i still have my bad day i felt a little irritated yesterday but managed to keep it under control and not be too much of a evil Bitch.....drove to work today with the sun shinning and reminded me that not long till i go on holiday i gave a sigh of relief as i remembered that im not going to go through a 9 hour flight thinking about getting off the plane to smoke alittle worried that this may be a trigger for me as i get nervous about flying and have never been on such a long flight but hey im gonna look at it as another challege this addiction is throwing at me....

I hope you all are keeping your spirits up... enjoy the day... who knows what tomorrow will bring :) xx

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  • Just think, when you did smoke, that cig didn't keep the plane in the sky...and neither would a cig now. I know what ya mean about nerves, but its a proven fact that cigs make us more nervous!!!

    Ya doing great!! and you have more courage now than ever before :D

  • thanks for your support..

    i guess your right... what ever gonna happen in life is gonna happen.. smoking isnt going to change that....

    i agree that it makes me more nervous.. and bring on anxity attacks i do actually feel different ive always been a worrier but now i do feel alot more confident if that makes sense as i know i dont reply on anything now i feel a stronger person...


  • Hi Jewls :D

    22 days is great a pat on the back on it's way to you so glad your craves are getting fewer and you're looking forward to your holiday

    It will be good not worrying about when you will get your next fix as well

    Try not to worry about that trigger just treat it as you have every other crave you've had and them you'll be fine, remember the first time you do anything for the first time can be a trigger for us all


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done Jewls

    Into week four fab work. Enjoy your holiday and think of the extra money you will have to spend.xxxxxxx

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