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No Smoking Day
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Day TWO.........Yeah

Hi all,

Sorry I didn't get time to log in on my first day Sun 29th March. I was FAR too busy being a non smoker!!!! My last cigarette was Saturday night, out in the freezing cold, on my own, feeling really scared about stopping smoking.

Gave my hubby the unopened 10 pack I had in my bag, and told him I was never going to smoke again.

Got up Sunday morning, had breakfast, (usually cig first), had shower, put makeup on, did my hair, got dressed...........and felt BRILL. By 10pm, I still smelled of perfume, I could still smell the conditioner on my hair, my clothes didn't STINK of smoke.

This morning, got up had shower, went to the gym for an hour, met friend for coffee, now at home and about to get ready for work. I'm not saying it's easy to give up.......I did it once before for 6months and very stupidly gave in to the demon. NOT THIS TIME I TELL YOU. Good luck to everyone here who have made the decision to stop. We can do it together, and with help from this forum. I've just heard Colleen on Loose Women saying she really want's to stop smoking too. Love J. x;)

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Hi J,

Well done on what sounds like a very positive 1st day, and welcome to day 2. The smelling nice bit is just one of the advantages, and it really rams it home when you discover how disgusting we all were, stinking the place out!!

Keep strong and keep it going,



Thanks Deke, I fear I'm gonna be one of those right pain in the ar*es who bang on about stopping smoking all the time. Right, lets see which one of my colleagues I can have a go at today................Only joking, I need to work hard on my own quit. x


Hi J :D

You're doing really well on day 2 and sound very positive about things keep it up





Hey J, we have the same quit date! You sound like you're doing really well. Yeah, your sense of smell will improve more and more. It's funny, but I have found that my taste in food has changed :confused:.

I look forward to seeing you on the day 3 section tomorrow. :D


hi j,, well done on your quit.feels good to be a non smoker does in it j,,it gets better with time,,honest it does,,just keep the faith tony keep :D:D


Thanks everybody..........

First day at work as a NON smoker. Went really well. Still went outside with my mate (who smokes)for coffee, but didn't even think about cigs. She felt really bad smoking infront of me, ha ha. She managed one day smoke free last week, but buckled next day. Have told her to get positive again soon.

Raddleman.........well done, together we are strong, see you in day three.:D;)


Hey J. and Raddleman.... good going you guys.... wishing you an EASY smoke free day! So much is in our minds anyways! Hope you guys find it within you to stay positive....... a good attitude and you will fly through those first few days easily... good luck to both of you!!


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