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It's day Eight!

Hello Everyone;

I'm now at Day Eight and I feel so much better. I'm on the Champix; after trying all the NRT's out there which made me crave more Champix has been really good. The fact that you have to see the Nurse once a week gives you that extra bit of motivation to stop smoking.

Saturday night was my biggest challenge; a friends birthday party at a dead posh hotel involving alcohol; you know when you drink you think "oh just one little cig" which sets you off again? Well; I didnt have one all night or feel the need for one. My friends were coming back in from a cig and I could smell them a mile off - I though oh my god; did I smell like that?

I've been having some problems getting to sleep at night; I'm really tired when I go to bed but just cant get off for some reason?

The hardest part of the whole process is getting out of the habit; you know; a cig after something to eat; a cig with a coffee; oh just passing the front door go for a cig.

Been reading everyones daily updates and its nice to see we're all going this together; thanks.

Here's to day nine!

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Hi Russeboy :D

Great going on day 8 well done you on going out with freinds who smoke and having a drink and not wanting to join them, but yes I'm afraid you did used to smell like that we all did

It is normal to have problems with sleep because you have more oxygen in your blood and therefore getting to your brain but this won't last long and you're right the hardest part is breaking the habit of smoking

just hang in there




Hi there Russeboy,

Congrats on Day 8, really well done. As Marg says, yes you did smell like that! We all did and either we didn't know it or, more likely, denied it to ourselves. And if it made our clothes stink by just the smoke clinging, it makes me shudder at what inhaling it was doing to the rest of me.

Stick with it and you'll be onto Day 9 in no time.

Fab effort - well done.



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