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No Smoking Day
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Months not days or Weeks

:p:pHi everyone, Thanks for all your advice in getting me up to week 4 nearly (tomo) Day 22 So pleased, Am passed days nearly past weeks and starting to count months soon.... Whoever would have believed it. So determined now....

Felt so good this morning with the sun out and not wanting a dirty horrible ciggy... Feel great now and looking forward to feeling even better as time goes on...... Thanx again Karen:)

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Hi Karen :D

Almost ready to count in months well done, so glad to hear how determined you are also pleased to hear you feel good




Well Done forum.truckersworld.co.uk/i...

Ain't it great knowing that you've done a month.... the next week will be a doodle ... because you can do "Weeks" easily now you've done that many of them !!!:rolleyes:

Keep it up your doing Gr8


Hi Karen,

Well done on reaching one month smoke free,it's all downhill now.


Well done Kaz hun first month is fab work. Keep strong.xxxxxxxxxxxx


Great support

:cool:Hi Linda, Anniem, Greg and Marg Thanks for all your support it really makes a difference, and I look forward to seeing my posts when I am struggling...

Good luck to u all also, and may we all enjoy the beginining of Spring smoke free xxx:cool:


Well done Kaz.

One month done already congratulations.:D



:)Thanks Wayne

Your doing well. One attempt and smokefree since December Gives me loads of confidence when I see posts from people as strong as u :)


Hi congratulations hitting the one month mark!

Well done and give yourself a big pat on the back, keep strong,




:)Hi Tracy

Thanks for your support and good luck in your quest also, Have some difficult days and cant wait to get past this stage. But everyones support keeps me going..:)


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