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No Smoking Day

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Hi All - My first Month almost Done


Hi All

After a wee emergency trip to the hospital with heart palpatations, I was put in a heart ward overnight for observation.

Out of the 6 people in the ward ...ALL 6 WERE SMOKERS, including myself.

I have smoked 40+ a day for over 20 years, Im 42 now.

I had been feeling pretty tired and generally unwell for weeks, a cough was present all day..... I looked grey constantly ... I would sweat heavily and become quite tired when doing any excercise .....I knew things werent good, but though ... I'll be fine.....

The images on the back of cig packets were driving me nuts.... the constant image that it was going to be me.....

After a long chat with the doctor in the ward , I decided that was it.... 1st March 2009

I had a chat with the smoking cessation nurse and decide patches were for me.... (How do you light them ?? lol)

So here we are 4 weeks tomorow..... without a cig.:)

I feel great, my skin looks coloured not grey, I don sweat as much when working, I dont feel as tired,all in all I feel fantastic.

And Im over £250 better off !!!!

I have found it quite easy, every time I felt like I needed a smoke, I ate a bit fruit.... lol I went through a lot of fruit in the first few days

The moments when I think I could do with a smoke are getting less and less.

As every day goes by I think ... no way am I going back ... I've done "this" far, if I have one I would have to go back to square one.

Oh .... another plus, I used to love my cig with a coffee within 5 minutes of getting up ... to overcome this I get up 15 minutes later, so I'm not sitting around, cos I dont have time before I start work - so 15 minutes more in bed !!!

Just thought I would like to join a forum and could offer any support I could.

It's the best thing I've done fo a long time !!!!!

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Thanks Sally

Yes I do feel up beat been on the patches for the whole time... today is my first day so far without them .... going to get through today and see what tomorrow brings. :)

I'm a believer in PMT - Positive Mental Thoughts

Good for you Greg and well done mate. I'm only a little bit longer, five weeks on Monday, good here innit. David

Hi Greg

Your "giving up" sounds similar to mine. I have eaten quite a lot of pineapple since giving up!! I have also found the cravings quite easy to control. I am still getting up at the same time but I am loving the extra time I get to do more important things other than smoking.

Hi greg, just wanted to say what a great positive post, you will find this forum is a great source of information and help and im sure you will be able to offer lots of help on here too, congratulations on getting this far and staying so positive and a big well done for getting through today with no patches. you are quite an inspiration!


Thanks Tracy :o

Wll its 10 Oclock at night... soon be bed time so yep I beleive I have got through today with no patch... Ive had one in my wallet just in case whilst I was out tho .... lol I hope that dosent count......

I honestly beleive that this is all about having a Postive can do attitude......

Cant wait till Im at Month 2 .......;)

what a star, a full day with no patch! i too am on patches and have just dropped down to 14mg, and i have been wearing them for less hours each day so hopefully it wont be long and i will have the confidence to ditch mine too!

congratulations and a big well done!


Thanks .... I am proud of myself lol, need one of these:



Been to the shops today buying things with the money I have saved :)

congatulations....Freedom :-)

Well here we are .....Sunday morning ...Ive been over 24 hours without a patch ....

Yee HAAAAAA .... I've done it !!!!

I was really quite worried about sleeping last night ...but to be honest I slept really well and woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny day .....:)

Well done Greg, keep it up mate.

Hi Greg

Well done youre doing great:D

I stopped because I was petrified how I may end up. Last year I was on steroids twice, antibiotics no longer clearing the chest infections. I had my patches in the drawer since september then no smoking day came and I just put one on - no prep just did it and im still here.

Thanks to people like you offering support and advice, it really does make you stop and think before you reach out for the ciggies. So thankyou:)

Hope you feel good off the patches and enjoy the rest of your weekend


Feel Great today Angela ..... THANKS

U enjoy the rest of the day to .... and just keep thinking


You must be very proud!

Wow, well done!! I know you are new on the forum but I didn't realise you quit for so long! A whoooole month!! I can't wait to get there and see my new me the non-smoker! I am on Day 4, I feel ill but positive, I know it will go away soon. All I do for now is basically stay in bed when I am not at work and try to recover cause my energy level is close to 0! I can only imagine how you feel, but must be great to be able to say you haven't smoke for a month! I think you are right it's all about the positive atitude!

You are reaaaally trendy now!:cool:

Well done Greg. I hope your health scare was just that and nothing more serious. Seems like your doing great and good job on dumping the patches.


well done greg, congratulations on your quit. we have a group called the Mad march quitters MMQ crew for anyone who stopped in March, feel free to join us you would be very welcom x:D

Well thanks every one !!!

Just home after being away at work all week .... and have had a great week no fags and no patches !!!!

Had a couple of moments when I thought I could really do with a fag !!! but just told myself "I DONT SMOKE" and go through it within seconds !!!!

How do I join MMQ ????

Hi Greg :D

Well done you're doing great and of the patches as well pat on the back is in order


Marg xxx

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