15 weeks urgh!!


I come on the site every day to either read the recent posts or some literature. I have been off the weed for 15 weeks and it does help to know others go through difficult stuff too - but how I wish after all this time it would be easier.

I sometimes feel sad and think about cigs - I ask myself how can I even give them a thought considering they nearly ruined my life - I have had to retire due to ill health and still the damned additction can make me think I might like another one. I know doing things can help to distract from the thoughts and I agree, but unfortunatley my mobility is not very great so can't go off and exercise.

This does sound like a good old moan and poor mee's! What I would really like are good positive ideas of how to kill off the demons as you call them. Better still someone who could hypnotise me into believing I have never smoked would be good!!!!!!


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  • i was reading a paul mckenna book on how to stop smoking and he basically said you need to re-train your mind... its like getting addicted but in reverse... your mind associates cigs as a good thing thinking that everytime you have one a nice good chemical is released in your brain... you now have to train your brain to think otherwise......

    personally im thinking has paul Mckenna ever smoked because i know that after 3 weeks my brain is screaming for nicotine and has no intention of letting me think otherwise!!!!!!! :confused:

  • Hi,

    Allen Carrs book is good at making you reset your mindset. He also does a cd. Also, try reading the links at the bottom of my post. You have done brilliantly, 15 weeks is tremendous and my 6 weeks looks tiny compared to that! remember, you have given nothing up, only gained a life. Rejoice it.

  • I can definitely recommend Allen Carr's CD set, I have it playing nearly every day just sort of in the background while I work, it helps me no end, kind of like subconsciously reprogramming my mind without me thinking about it.

  • Hi Jewls26

    Cheers I think I might try a book like that it might even work at least it will give me something else to do.

    I also read a lot of the posts further on than me it helps to see that things get easier and also reminds me to look out for the moments when the nico demon stikes.

    I remember at 3 months I was having some problems and a kind friend on this site told me to go read some of the literature on the sites they advise. He called it the 'icky threes' and I found our about it on one of the sites they have listed at the end of their signatures like "whyquit" etc.

    Fionacox and Mikeduk - thanks for the advice, you know I have Allen Carrs book somewhere, I read it so many times before I stopped and it helped to get rid of the myths before I stopped but I forgot it could also help afterwards. I appreciate your help.

    You know what Mike you asked if anyone could see a pattern in your quits well it certainly looks like you stop for longer every time you do it, 1 year on make this one the one to remember, good luck to you and all my fellow quitters you are a fab bunch.


  • Hi Jackie :D

    Sorry you're struglling a bit but 15 weeks is wonderful well done you give yourself a pat on the back OK

    I also had to retire because of my health and am limited re exercise I am unable to go to a gym for example [not that I ever did never had the time] but I go for a walk every day sometimes just a short one sometimes longer I also joined a couple of clubs just to get me out and in the company of others which really helps me

    I can honestly say after just over 4 months I hardly ever think about cigs anymore. Is there a club or something you could join maybe

    I think the only way to kill off the demons is to continue doing what you are and defying them as sorry I am not a hypnotist

    This does not come across as a moan or poor me at all, it sounds to me as if you're just a bit down at the moment as it seems to be taking too long as you see it but trust me on this IT WILL GET BETTER



  • Thanks very much for your wishes Jackie, they really do mean a lot.

    I am doing fairly well this time and am sure that this time will be for good. I had a very challenging night last night while at a friends house for dinner (same sort of situation that broke my last quit) and of course plenty of wine.

    It had been worrying me for a week or so before as the people there have been my drinking/smoking friends for a while but they were very supportive and I managed to get through the night without smoking despite the 2 pints and the bottle of wine i got through.

    I really do hope it gets easier for you soon, I think it is probably more a case of trying to change your way of thinking towards smoking as opposed to the physical addiction.

    Just try to remember all smoking is nothing but a chemical addiction and you really are loosing nothing by stopping. Keep the faith and I'm sure next week will be better.

    Cheers, Mike

  • Hi Marg

    I think you are right I need to get out and meet people. We do have things going on at our local community centre perhaps I should give it a go, is that the sort of thing you go to? You are also right I have felt a bit down lately and it does make a difference to how I feel about not smoking. This evening I felt a bit better so am able to take on board ideas. Another thing I noticed I did not post while I was feeling down, kept waiting, hopefully if I feel that way again I will come looking for the help which is always there earlier. Its great to know you are there no wonder they all call you mum - we all need a mum sometimes no matter what our age may be.

    Mike you did great going out with the people you usually drink and smoke with I believe it is quite a testing time when you are having a drink and you did not smoke - brilliant.


  • Hi Jackie :D

    Yes I go to the local community centre nothing madly exciting but we play Bingo and whist once a month have dance twice a month [thats a form of exercise] I danced the other week for the first time in ages we also go out for trips to all sorts of places only costs a few quid for the coach a bit more if having a meal as well I like it as it gets me out and talking to people as well

    I think Shabba was the first one to call me Mum and it caught on so welcome to the family Jackie and you're right we do all need a Mum sometimes I am lucky at almost 66 I still have mine even if she does make me go grhhhhh sometimes I love her to bits.

    Sorry I tell a lie the first one on here to call me Mum was StuartH he is my son and has been a huge support to me as have lots of others on here

    I hope you won't feel down again but if you do or not come on here and post or read that always helps just hang in there

    BIG HUG on it's way just for you



  • Hi Marg

    Yes our Community Centre does the same sort of things, and of course being a non smoker it is much easier to go to events like they have. I did one day try to work out whether any of your children were really your children (kept my mind of fags which was great) and I got Stuart right but wasnt sure about others.

    Felt the hug arrive it was great ta.

    I do feel there is a lot of love given here and thats great it can be a tough journey but we are never alone. I have great pride for some of the new starts who come on here and share their bit for those of us who have been stopped longer.

    The smilies dont work for me when i click on them i just get their meaning in dashes etc :D - that is a big grin - :confused: thats the confused one, something like myself. I know quite a bit about computer programmes but this one is new and totally confusing me. Something else I do to keep my mind occupied.


  • I have just checked to make sure my reply went through :o and well blow me down - the smilies that I was going on about are there. It seems they dont work when I insert them into the reply bit but they actually do come out as real smilies in the post :confused:.

    I wonder have I lost my marbles :eek: Now they are everywhere. Its been fun though tonight :D.


  • Hi jackie, :)

    i too have struggled with these smilies and thought i had gone wrong or totaly batty, maybe its the nic demon keeping us on our toes,:eek:

    or maybe its the forum creating fun ways to take our minds off smoking,:rolleyes:

    either way it just shows we will get there in the end!


  • Hi Jackie :D :D

    The only one of my children on here who truly belongs to me is Stuarth the others are all adopted but I have 4 other children of my own as well

    Glad you felt the hug and enjoyed it and you're dead right there is a lot of love on here

    The smiles don't show as smiles when you add them to your post but they come up OK when you submit your post

    Talk again soon as got to put a joint in the oven have a freinf coming for lunch



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