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Is this all a trick lol

Hi, I am havingI a far better day today than yesterday regarding the stress levels etc, but by god the craving for a ciggie is soooo bad, it is the worst yet - I would go through week one all over agin twice compared to today. I have been quit 19 days and nicotine free for 8 days, so why am I craving sooo much.

Every post I read, be it day 1, week 1, month 1 or what ever someone is having a horrible time, and are being assured that it will get better, but everyday I think this will be a good day and it will start to get better, but unless I am stuffing my face, I WANT A FAG !!! no two ways about it. I have downloaded the freedom from nicotine book from the recommended sites and have read and re read it, but I just seem to be sinking - any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hope everyone else is having a better time - love to all from grumpy, miserable, deb x x

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Hi Debs :D

19 days quit is great well done but so sorry you're having a bad day I really don't know how long this will last but I promise it will get better but as we are all different so are our quits,but what I can tell you is that this is those b.......d little Nico :eek: Demons playing their mind games with you they are getting really desparete to get you back in their power you have been starving them for almost 3 weeks now so just hang on a bit longer





Thanks Marg, your words of wisdom are what I need, I so want to be a permanent non smoker, just wish i could see more of the benefits, I know its very early days, and my breathing is lots better, but havent noticed any change in sense of smell or taste, just seem to have the horrid things, cant sleep, constipation, mood swings - but it is only to be expected after 30 plus years of poisoning myself.

Thanks Marg, for being a rock and coming to my rescue,

love deb xxxx


keep it up

you are doing so well have you thought about ontinuing the patches for another ew weeks and maybe do the 12 weeks course i noticed you didnt use them for long i was on champix and inhalator but have stopped both but im having a horrendous day as well

im using an empty inhalator at the moment thinking that it may help but might just bang my head on the wall lol

oh well one in bed one 2 go keep up the good work

laura xxxxxxxxxxx


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