No Smoking Day
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Happy no smoking day all! - my 3rd day

I had a horrible day yesterday, felt incredibly depressed in the evening after my afternoon anger phase, was going into the "what's the point of the pain, I'll just go get some baccy and I will feel better" but......... the realist part of my brain was hanging in there and telling me this was the last bit of nicotine coming out of my system (last smoke was Sunday morning)

So finally, I MADE IT to today, day 3, with no fags!!!! Wooohoooo!!!

I am feeling so pleased with myself. Even with the Champix it is taking incredible willpower I thought I didn't have within me - my body was still screaming for nicotine!

So far today I have been mostly eating....fruit pastilles :D Next I will be having some cake, more tea, lunch...and well I haven't planned my afternoon eating yet :p

Craves are noticably further apart than days 1 & 2, but I'm still taking each day 1hr at a time.

Well done to all fighting their addiction today!

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Vesper, you are doing a great job, and with the will power you've shown I think that you'll get through these craves no problem.

I know what you mean about food, can't get enough of it myself, but I am trying to behave myself now im half a stone heavier :eek: More importantly though is not to worry about it, i'd rather have to shed a couple of pounds in weight than be throwing my money and health away smoking.

Keep positive and keep taking that important one day at a time,



I've had some severe wobbles I can tell you! If I had access to cigs then I would have caved in by now.

Yeah - not worrying too much about piling on the pounds at the moment. I will start cutting back & excercising more when I feel ready.

No a time :D


Well done Vesper and the craves will get less as each day passes - honest.

I had a couple of difficult days at the start, but I am on day 15 (day 28 of Champix) and most of the time I don't think about smoking. I do eat a lot of carrot sticks and mints though :)

Stick with it and we are all behind you.

Stay strong


well done on reaching day 3! Its good to beat the craves. Each time you do, they become easier to beat the next time.


Steph - I know the feeling with carrots! Me & the OH have munched our way through pack already! MMMMM carrots with chilli humous :p

Thanks Fiona :D

I keep telling myself that I was a non-smoker for 90% of the day anyway. Now I'm just choosing to use that 10% of my day that I was smoking in other ways.

Can't wait to puff in the CO detector thing this weekend. I assume I will have no carbon monoxide in my breath/blood now? :confused:


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