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help im lost

Hi everyone who reads this ,have been so positive all day,but now feeling insecure really bad fights with the voices in my head telling me how nice a cig would be, i know thats not the case but not sure if its enough to stop me so thought its best to come on here and see if it goes away. :(

I really hate this time of the day, hubby gone out with dogs with a cig hanging out of his mouth ( it feels like its calling me and im lost).. sorry to go ali xxx

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hi sally, im not sure how i feel at the moment, still upside down 20 mins later.

just wish cigs did not exsist and everybody was a non smoker.

like you say health wise it would not be good, as must say after one day i feel healthier . but 40 cigs aday did not help. ive been coughing up today so thats a sign things are starting to happen, im an (all or nothing )person like you said we think to ourselfs 2 cigs aday, but in reality it does not happen i can smoke one after the other.

thankyou for your reply it has helped a lot being able to talk ....

love ali xx


well sally you have done really good and you have made me stronger after our little chat, i wish you all the best tomorrow, sounds good if your bpm has come back down to where it should be..i know what you mean about sh;t day !!i suppose we will have these little blip`s .

I lost my aunt who was like a mum to a cig related disease, then my nan,

my dad use to smoke 60 a day and i never dreamed he could pack in after so many failed attempts , he has been free for the last 5 years and is so against smoking ,he is always telling me how better life is without them. and i know deep down it is true ,but these little or big craves come to test us. please stay strong we can do it together !!! lots of love ali xx


Hi Girls :D

So sorry you have both had a rough day but I promise you it will start to get better for you very soon just hang in there, we have all been where you are now and we understand you are already starting to feel the benefits of your quit and you have both lost loved ones to smoking related problems as well read as much as you can it really does help

You know you can do this and those voices in your heads is those sneaky little b........d Nico :eek:Demons trying desperately to get you back in his power and so playing mind games with you both you have been starving him and he doesn't like it one little bit [Tough]

You will have these little blips every so often but they will get fewer and farther between each other I promise and the good days will far outweigh the bad

Come on here and have a rant or a moan read whatever we really don't mind and will help as much as we can




Hi Alison,

It will get better, I promise! On Day 4 and feeling the difference already...and the cravings aren't too bad. You really have to keep the memory of what you felt like being a smoker alive. Did you like being a smoker/what it did to you? Did you like feeling addicted/chained to something?

Smoking made me despise myself, and that's what I keep reminding myself when that little annoying voice pops into my head. I don't WANT to smoke, that's the reality. The annoying voice telling me how lovely a ciggie would be right now isn't the real me, it's just the "recovering addict" me - and soon that annoying voice will cease to exist!

Keep going, do whatever you need to...lie in bed all day, cry till you're hoarse. Just believe that tomorrow it will be better, cos it will be!



Im feeling really guilty now, i have a son who lives at home he is 18 years old now and detests the smell and sight of a fag he was always begging me to stop and i have always been too ignorant to listern to him and the quotes on passive smoking, and have constantly smoked around him. it wasn`t untill i gave up (my first quit attempt last year) that i realised how awful it smells etc etc:( .thats nicotine for you) brainwashes us and takes over our lifes.

my nan and aunt died of emphysema and i use to look after my nan for hours at a time when my mum and dad wanted a break, she would be on oxygen, and i would go out and smoke a cig and think nothing of it , how bad is that, she packed up smoking cold turkey and she use to say to me stop its so easy if only i had stopped years ago . just was not ready to listern but am now. bringing all this up is somehow making me feel stronger!! as for children i would of loved another but it never happened too old now ha ha 42 , xx ali


Thankyou scaredy cat what you say makes so much sense, we can all do it together ... im feeling better after my little rant , its not me wanting a ciggie its the litttle monster wanting his feed , well he can get lost, NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF . so pleased you are doing well lots love ali xx


Thanks margareth , for your wise words , you always know what to say and when.

And you help me an awful lot. i often read your posts to different people .big big thankyou for all your advice. lots love ali xxx:D im back to :D:D


Good on you i`m off to have a bubble bath and pamper and ive got a mars bar lined up for treats later... like you say balls to the extra calories worry about that next week. ive just brought wii fit .still in box but WILL unpack it weekend lol. have a good evening everyone , no doubt i`ll be back later,

lots of love ali xxx


Hi Girls :D

So glad you both feel better now enjoy your treats much better for you than fags and as you say worry about the weight later one step at a time eh

Alison thankyou for your kind words if my advice help you then I am really pleased to be able to do it but remember I once needed that same help from others on here and soon you will be doing the same and helping others it's what we all do

Hi Scaredycat :D

Day 4 and doing well thats great

Love tp you all



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