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Sleep - I wish

Hi All,

I know from reading all the posts that most people have sleep problems, how soon does this improve? after 2 weeks of horrendous nights, waking every 45 mins to 1 hour and totalling about 4 hours a night I am bloody exhausted and look like I've got black eyes. What with this and eating like a blo**dy pig, have put on half a stone in 2 weeks (my fault, I know)

I can put up with the craves and wanting a fag feeling, but the sleeping, exhaustion and digestive probs are driving me mad!!!!!

Any ideas folks


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Hi Debs :D

First well done on 2 weeks quit that's great

Not sleeping well and having the munchies is normal for us quitters I,m afraid although they will settle down again soon

To help with the weight gain I used fresh fruit and raw Veggies cut up instead of cakes, sweets etc




I didn't have sleep problems on this quit but I did on a previous one, as far as I can tell it settles down for most people within the month. Some people find that herbal remedies like Nytol or Kalms help.


Hi Debs

I suffered exactly the same as you with the terrible sleeping. I thought I was going mad! I am now coming to the end of 4 weeks and I have never slept so well in all my life! The last 10 days I have found I need less sleep but feel energetic.

I find water has been my saviour as far as feeling hungry. I drink it all through the day and it does keep the hunger pangs at bay and its good for the skin. I also think it helps with sleeping because I have cut back on coffee and tea to help keep the toxins out of the body.

Its hard work isnt it!!!!

Good Luck and yes it does get better!


thanks for the advice bb, i'll give it another couple of nights and then go to dr. i have tried the herbal stuff but it didnt make much difference - its not getting to sleep thats my prob, is staying asleep - oh well never mind, i now got an excuse if i fall asleep at my desk lol

deb x


I had real trouble sleeping properly for the first couple of weeks. I couldn't get to sleep to start with then I would wake up about every hour. Like you, I was exhausted especially as I'd never had trouble sleeping before in my life!

I had really bizarre dreams too!

Now I sleep really well again although I do find getting up in the morning a whole lot easier - partly because I can breathe properly from my first breath rather than having to take little breaths to start with as I did when I was a smoker.

That said - I did have a very bizarre dream last night - I was telling Simon Cowell that he should give up smoking - it's not as hard as he thinks!


Thanks for the advice folks, good to know its not just me!!!! I'm trying to keep positive and hope that this will get better, after all I've been chuffing away for nearly 35 years cant expect miracles in 2 weeks can i - although why not i dont know!!!!! patience has never been one of my virtues (i think i may have some lol)

take care

weekend nearly over - work tomorrow, joy oh joy and we are coming up to year end, inland revenue returns, etc yuk yuk yuk, but at least i will be so busy i shouldnt think about the fags

deb x


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