No Smoking Day

start of day 4 feeling good! just 1 problem


hi all well its day 4 off the fags , just had a full bowl of cornflakes and dropped my tablet about 30 mins ago and i feel a lot better today then yesterday, no cravings, fags are not on my mind anymore so iam doing quite well :D iam just going to keep myself busy today and do the garden there just one little problem iam going to deal with tonight is quite a few friends are coming round tonight for a drink do i have a drink with them are do you think its to early to have 1 thoughts please thanks jason

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Hi Jason :D

I had the odd drink while taking them with no ill effects at all but a woed of warning be careful not to drink too much this early in your quit as drink will lower your resolve

Have a look at my post on your earlier thread and PM me if you need to




Hi Jason,

Congrats on day 4....

Having or not having a drink early in a person's quit is quite a subject. Some advise not to, others to do so. Really it comes down to yourself and knowing whether you are a sensible social drinker or end of the night swinging off the chandeliers type.

I think it's your personal decision. If you do have a drink with your buddies don't overdo things, keep it to the level where you are still in command of your decisions and don't let peer pressure influence you. If there are smokers in the company and it's your place tell them to smoke outside or a suitably designated area.

Whatever, enjoy :)



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