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Made it into week 3

Well, its day 15 and I'm just into week 3 - this is the longest I have ever gone without a ciggie - so far so good, just done 40 mins on my wii fit and i got through that without a single cough - if thats not inspiration I dont know what is, Previously I couldnt do 10 minutes without coughing my guts up!!!, so am well please with my little self

Deb x

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Nice one debs :D Thats really good going.

Good idea about the Wii fit aswell, it keeps you occupied and fit and healthy all in one. An excellent crave-buster !!! I might have to get one of those :D



Hi Debs :D

At the start of week 3 that's brilliant well done you. Also well done with the Wii fit my gaughter's family has one maybe I should start using it as well

You ahve every right to be proud of yourself let alone pleased, keep it up




almost week 3

Well done and be PROUD of yourself, it's excellent to be where you are in comparism to where you was and the exercise is fantastic, to be able to do it and not struggle through it shows the results you have reached already in terms of health so keep it up and well done x


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