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ditched the patches 2 days ago!!


Hi all, just thought i'd let you know that I stopped my nrt patches on Wednesday 18th and so far so good, had a couple of wobbles, but nothing like I had on Monday. Hopefully I will be nicotine free in just over 24 hours whoooo hoooo. Cant believe I've got to 2 weeks without a fag - and I am really determined at the moment to continue - with all of the support from you guys, I know I can do it.

Love to ya all - the sun has got his hat on!!!!!!

Deb x

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debs, well done!! Day 14 yippee!!

I think you will get the wobbles with or without the patches and neing nicotine free is a good feeling!!

see you in week 3 xxx

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done!!

Its all about getting the mind straight, NRT or no NRT when you have the right mindset, the rest will follow.

Hi Debs :D

You will certainly be nicotine free in anither 24 hrs so well done 14 days over already that's great Just hang in there



Well done, Debs..... :) Great job! You have a great attitude going.... keep it up and keep :):)

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