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Week 3 -Day 17


Hi everyone, Whoo hoo! I'm into my third week and doing well! :)

No longer miss the hand to mouth action, just get the few odd cravings throughout the day and now and again if i see someone smoking, but it soon passes.

Went to the doctors yesterday, she gave me a prescription for another 4 weeks of the stronger patches before i move onto the next stage. Don't think i'll be able to go onto the next stage as yet, as i'm currently finishing my 3rd year at university and the pressures on with coursework etc. Told her about my 2 previous relapses also, she's really good to talk to. Anyway, just thought i'd let you know how one is. I'm very proud of myself! :D

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Hi Lea :D

You have every right to be proud of yourself you're doing great well done on 17 days and on coping with the craves so well and if you're under pressure with Uni course work probably best to stay on the stronger patches for a little while longer



day 17

well done Lea and keep going strong through your course and be proud of yourself xx

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