Another pukka day yeeees!

Another good day, thats 2 in a row - I like this feeling!!! Been out today to see my Mum, walked on the beach and sat in the sun this afternoon, how lucky have I been with the weather on my 2 days off! Back to work tomorrow, but hey only 2 days to the weekend lol.

The first couple of hours in the morning are still the worst for me, but I am coping with that ok I just tell those nico demons politely (yeh right!) to go away as I am not listening and it seems to be working. Any way thought I'd just post another positive one to make up for my whining on Monday - hope everyone is doing good and having a good day

love ya all x

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  • Hi Debs :D

    So happy for you with your good days and you're right the weather is glorious hope it lasts it's been a long winter continue ro send those Demons packing politely or otherwise you do not have to apologise for anything within reason on here we have all been there at times



  • Yes i agree, with the morning fag-it has been the hardest part of my quit, not cravings so much, but the missing it feeling, still lingers, but it is fading and not a big problem these days.

  • well done debs, Im glad you are doing so well. me and you are on the same day!! xxxx

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