No Smoking Day

Well 2 weeks today

Well 2 weeks today no fags,i havent let my home life shit make me have a fag i keep telling my self a fag wont make things be better or make them go away

I have my bad days when all i want to do is cry but i have put that down not just to packing u smoking but to all the problems im having a home at the min.

My holiday is keeping me focused being a none smoker on holiday. .

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Well done that's great.

It is very common for people to have a big boost in their confidence as a result of quitting. Such a boost will I'm sure help you resolve the home life troubles one way or another!

Stay strong.



Hi Kay :D

Well done you just hamg in there




Well done Kay

2 weeks is fab work your rite smoking will not help just remember your doing this for yourself. Also your going to have one fab holiday Im sure.xxxxxxxxx


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