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Well over 2 years

Hang in there everyone, its all about time and understanding the more you understand the addiction and the longer since your last smoke the easier it becomes to abstain.

I passed the 2 year mark a month and a half ago and these days I rarely think about smoking. Occasionally there is a nostalgic want for a smoke as old associations crop up but nothing more than a passing fancy.

Life without fags is easier, no more planning to fit in a fix and the late night drives to the all night garage have been consigned to history.

I am now a proper ex-smoker and truly resent anyone breathing those noxious fumes at me the way I did at others for so long. I was on the beach yesterday and found it quite selfish that so many people were breathing their smoke across the rest of us with a total disregard for anyone else. There was even a stall selling shirts with the slogan "Smoking is MY choice so F### OFF!" I just wanted to tell anyone that bought one - Fine just keep it to yourself!

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Well done Nic!!

I cant wait to get to 2 years! I am on day 22 now.


Hi Nic :D

Congratulations on your 2 years + smoke free you always had kind and encouraging words fo me in the early days

I still follow on in your footsteps


Marg xxx


2 years is amazing.... congratulations

.....and your words as always wise.

11 months ago 2 years would have sounded an impossible mountain to climb...but today 1 year is within smelling distance and I know 2 years is doable....

Nice to see you Nic

Lorna x


Very nice to see such an old favorite! You were always inspirational in my quit Nic and I hope I have passed some of your wisdom on to others. Well done on passing the two year mark, heres to many more to come x


Very nice, Nic! Congrats on your 2 years plus! First Stuart, then Nic, Marg...... big reunion there, nice to see all of you! xx


Congratulations and it is great to hear from you Nic, you were around for me to get help from when I first came here too. Bella is right it is so nice to see old faces again.




Congratulations on 2 years.:)

Nice to see you and Marg popping back.

I will be at 2 years next Tuesday:D

Regards to all and to all newcomers it is worth the early struggle, keep going you will get there.




Nice to have you back Nic. 2 years, only another 9 months for me!


Nic, sorry i missed this, not been on much, over 2 years is just brilliant ..must feel like smoking never happened now :) well done mate


Hi Nic

Very well done, and still in your footprints.

Wise words my man, and I am getting wiser by the month, strange how giving up the weed makes you think that more about life and all !!!



Had to pop on and say Big hello my friend. Over 2 years what a star you are mate. Speak soon.xxxxxxxxxx


Thanks all,

Kitkat, nope it certainly doesn't feel like smoking never happened, I smoked for nearly half my life so its not a case that you just switch it off but you do become accustomed to being a non smoker.

Its true that I won't ever go back and its not the 1st (or even 9th) thing that pops into my mind at moments of stress, pleasure etc.


Congratulations on your well over 2 years :D


Thanks Dubbs

Always an honour to get the clap from you :D


Just to add my 'well done' too. You are an inspiration to the board.:)



Hello - and a huge congratulations on the 2 year mark.

Sorry I'm a bit late with this after your kind welcome to the Penthouse - very remiss of me.

But sorted now.

Here's to no more cigs!


Well done Nic.

Nice to see the return of one so educated.



sorry I missed this, but congratulations :)

you've posted some excellent posts which have really helped me on my journey, for that I thank you...


Congratulations Nic on passing the 2 year milestone.

I am sorry I missed this when you posted but have not been on here much recently. You helped inspire my own quit, and many others too. Thank you so much for that.

Here's to all the smoke-free years to come.... Cheers


Thanks peeps :)


A fantastic quit Nic. Thank you for sharing, it gives all of us here the hope, determination and confidence to quit for ourselves.


Life without fags is easier, no more planning to fit in a fix and the late night drives to the all night garage have been consigned to history.

This taken out of context is rather funny.

well done and all that.



Reminds me of a friend who went to New York and asked where he could "buy some fags" late one night, and was sent to some very dodgy area!!

Congrats nic, remember some valuable posts from you , and nice to see it can be done (current record 6 months)


Ah Nic,

Hope everything is well with you. You helped me stick at it in the crazy early days. I'm a lot more manageable now!!

I made it too to two years & will never look back. I'm laughing now at the signature with the bloody weight gain - I've still not got rid of it :eek::D:)


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