No Smoking Day


Hiy All. Had to make a plan for later on today. I'm at a funeral this afternoon, so usual procedure would be turn up at the crem about 20 minutes before, have a few fags and a yarn to old friends and members of his family before the service. Don't want to be tempted though, so I will turn up just before, and go straight in, miss the catching up, but I want to be sure. I'll show the nico things I can be devious too. David

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Sorry to read that you have a funeral to attend today.

It's not the start of these things that bug me with temptations of nicotine, more like the wake afterwards and especially so if fuelled with alcohol.

But I'm sure that you'll manage to get through the day smoke free. Afterall, how would a cigarette help? :cool:



good you have a plan. I am not allowed to smoke then neither are you!! Seriously though, sorry re funeral, keep your wits about you. xx


Hi David

Think you are right to have a plan in place for this PM sorry about funeral and think you're right to arrive at last minute but be wary you know who will pick up your a bit stressed I am sure you will cope with it just fine and come back as you went smoke free and you know that a ciggie wouldn't help at all




Thanks all. Everything went well, got there just before, met up with two of my sisters and a brother, had a natter as we viewed the floral tributes, then went home for my dinner. Didn't go to the wake, even though it was "Dry". Thanks. David


Well, I think that your forethought goes to show that you would have been quite safe whatever.

Planning to defy possible triggers, shows that you understand that this is a battle of wits and with an attitude like that success is even more achievable.


Thanks for that vote of confidence Nic. I don't want to go into different situations feeling as if I'm blastproof, seen so many people relapse in my short time on here, I've chosen to be an ex-smoker and I don't want to play at it, I'm grateful for all the support I get here, and I'll try and do my bit in return. Been meaning to go into the reasons for quitting, will do later on. Thanks. David


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