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Tripped Up


As honesty is a virtue and we can learn from each other's mistakes see no point hiding or going missing - had a slip up yesterday on day 30. Found the last week tough mentally, the 'deprivation' thing go to me in the end and I decided to have a cigarette. As I'm on Champix there was no nicotine rush, no real enjoyment but I had one. As you can imagine the disappointment set in.

For those on Champix/have been on Champix has this happened to you...I want to keep going with the quit but now mentally feel like I've undone all the 4 weeks hard work, am I back to square one ?

I feel like an idiot as I don't want to be a smoker - this time it is not the physical cravings/withdrawals but the mental head f_ck...excuse my french.

Any advice would be appreciated...I need to keep going...

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Well, I know we talked but... Phew.... I have a feeling you are still with us..... that makes me SOOOOOO happy..... you can do this!! Throw the rest away and you don't have to go back to day 1... we have to go all the way to the penthouse.... don't you know?!!! hugs and kisses to you..... don't make yourself feel bad, okay!

Yep, the yuckies are in the bin and I'm back on track - this has strengthened my resolve...appreciate your support Sandra xxx

Anytime!!! ;)

Hi Gstar :)

So you slipped and had one on day 30 so sorry you found last week tough but that was then and this is the start of a new week don't beat yourself up about it you binned the rest now go on from there

Ok you feel disappointed in yourself but you learnt something from this as you didn't enjoy it and are not an idiot I also used champix but came close once to doing what you did it can happen to anyone so pick yourself up dust yourself down and carry on you haven't undone those 4 weeks hard work as you learnt a valuable lesson from it but have a read to reinforce the reasons you quit in the first place be positive you know you can do this you have already proved it



Put it down to experience and make your resolve to stop stronger! The mental thing can catch you unawares, I was well and truly tripped up this weekend too. But managed. only just. to not smoke. I think you need to go back to the basics of why you quit and reinforce the issues, well I do anyway!!!! You have to continue, you are part of the 'to be confirmed club'!!! Don't beat yourself up though xxxxx

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