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End of day 5 and first weekend as a non smoker!

Hi everyone, its almost the end of my 5th day, the weekend has gone well and although i have had some very strong cravings i have been able to handle them, i think! my oh might not agree!

I decided that having little ones and a set routine was triggering certain craves off so today i changed our routine, first time ever i made tea and toast and stayed in bed with the little ones till gone 9 (never happened in here before would normally be up at 7 and smoked 5 cigs by 9)

this really helped and made a great start to the day.

hope everyone else is ok and well done to everyone for the best decision ever!

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Well done tracy,

U really r doing so well - time really does fly coz I can't believe thats me now on day 11 - time flies eh?

Well done once again and keep it up my dear :)



Glad you are starting to really feel the possitive side especially with a young family!! Thanks for the tips about writing down reasons for quitting ect. Have done that & will use it when needed!!

I done some gardening today & had my 2 year old granddaughter with me helping........Didn't get much time to think about smoking!!!:D

I hope tomorrow goes just as well for everyone & getting back to a normal weekday doesn't make it more difficult!!


You go girl!!:cool:

Well done, it'll be day 6 next can u believe it??!!

I know what you mean about changing the routine, me and the kids have been outside most of the day in the garden, theyve enjoyed having my undivided attention.

Keep going Tracy, need your posts to keep me positive aswell :)


Hi Tracy :D

On day 6 and the first weekend over that's really great well done you handled the craves doesn't matter what OH thinks if you didn't cave ergo you handled them

Well done on changing routine with little ones do whatever helps you stay focused




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