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1st weekend away as a non-smoker!


Hi Ladies and Gents!

I had my 1st weekend away as a non-smoker. I was staying with my friend, her other half, and their friend..they are all smokers, so i was a bit nervous. I knew alcohol would be involved, so was worried that i would smoke!

but today is day 20,and i am still on my quit, i didnt even have a puff!


My friend was so supportive, as i had asked her not to let me have a puff if i asked (which i didnt), so that was great!

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Brilliant! Give yourself a monster pat on the back Claire. Another trigger overcome! Fi x

Thanks Fiona,

am feeling so much better now!

It seems that since i hit week 3, things seem to be getting better, and the fancying a ciggie seems be be getting less frequent and not so strong.

Cant believe that i have done 3 weeks!!

What day will i progress onto the 1 month board?

HI Claire

Well done you.....week 3 day 20, hey I was only away for a week. This weekend was one major hurdle out of the way...one where many stumble. Good strong quit.

Month 1...there are no golden rules about when you go to the new boards...no one will throw you out if it is not what they believe....some go on 4 weeks some wait till anniversary of their quit...you do what you feel is right for you Claire, youv'e not made a wrong decision yet...;)

Congratulations my lovely.

Lorna x

Fantastic and you should be very proud. Sounds like you have a really strong quit going on there.

Big pat on the back from me, and from here on in you start counting in months!

Thanks guys!!

My quit date was the 9th August, so i think i am going to hang around on the 3 week board until the start of the 4th week.

I cant believe i have nearly done my 1st month!!


Hey Claire!!

Sorry not been on here in a while - been a very busy weekend! Had lots of alcohol and was so******ing with smokers but managed to deal with it all ok!!!

Well done on your weekend away sounds like a success!

Day 21 for me today! Can't believe it has been 3 weeks! Thats a saving of £90 for me!

Not sure what is wrong with s.o.c.i.a.l.i.s.i.n.g

Hi Pinotlover,

well done for keeping strong over the weekend, thats great news!!

I am moving on the the 1 month board now, can hardly believe it!!

Wont be long until you are there too!!

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