No Smoking Day

Day 11 !!!

Ouch, my head hurts (feels heavy?) and I feel so 'bunged up' like I've got a cold or something and my chest sort of hurts, a bit like a pulled muscle but having not had a cough I can't see it. Maybe yoga stretched me a bit more than I realized. However, despite feeling a bit 'under the weather I am on day 11, it's the weekend and I do NOT want a fag whatsoever nor do I crave one. Imight try the lozenges that nic uses as I am fed up of walking around chewing gum like a horse chewing grass !!

Well that's my moan for the day and I hope everyone else is feeling good.

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Its very common to get cold like symptoms while quitting, but then again it might just be a cold!

Well done on getting to day 11 :D



Hi Dee :D :D

Day 11 is great well done you

As Nic say's the things you describe are common to us quitters but I also had a lot of colds at first so bought some Actimel drinking yoghurts having had them given me when in hospital on anti-biotics they help to boost the immune system so went back on them and touch wood haven't had a cold since

You can buy Actimel at any supermarket in 8's or 12's

Keep :D :D




Hi Dee Dee .

I have to say that Ive not been feeling uber healthy since giving up the sticks either. My breathing is a little easier though and no cough but I am definately a bit lousy feeling.

Hows it with the gum? is it nrt or just regular chewy? I have been careful not to replace one vice with another. I have been drinking more water than usual though!

I hope you are feeling better soon. Still ..... it beats smoking.



day 13

Hi Richara, Still feel well lousy and totally exhausted and head-achy but maybe i'd have felt like this if i still smoked (don't think so somehow !!). In saying that I have NO desire to smoke, no cravings and I'm not particulary thinking about them. The gum is nicotine flavour sadly, it's awful though cos i think its what's bloating me out ?? I might get the lozenges tomorrow but then again am i still an addict for using nrt???? My head is too heavy for me to even think straight.

Glad you are doing well too and managing ok eh? do you crave or do you just feel a bit lousy anyway? Wonder if it is the toxins coming out?

I lost my car key yesterday (found it at the bottom of the rubbish bag I'd put out for the dustman an hour and half later ) and the 90 minutes i was searching for it all over the garden and right round my house, i was proper stressed but i still never even thought about having a fag at all, in fact i just thought 'oh well having a cigarette wont find my key' and that was it. My first bit of stress (and believe i was stressed) and it passed without any craving at all--good eh??


Well its good if you are getting through stressful situations with out a desire to smoke.

I used lozenges and as you say eventually you have to stop using NRT and get through the nicotine withdrawal.

The psychological addiction is way harder to deal with than the physical, so if you are finding that you aren't craving ciggs then you are doing well on that score.

When you come off the NRT which I did after 10 weeks, you should be prepared for the physical withdrawal which is relatively minor. For me it was 2 days of feeling rather weird, cold sweats and a bit on edge, then the following week some strong desires to smoke or have alozenge, but once that week was through the desire to smoke was no greater than while using NRT.

All the best, you are doing fab.



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