No Smoking Day

day 5 already??? where has the time gone?

Hey guys,

Feeling really positive today - coz I'm on day 5 already - but where has the time gone?? Had a bad day yesterday with the cravings but I now know how to deal with it so fingers crossed this day won't be so bad!!

Thanks for everyone's support yesterday when I had my bad craving, it really helped.

Here's to day 5 and its only 2days til 1 week!!


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Keep going Phil,

the journey can get tiring but its worth it!


yeah! day 5, you are doing great!!

well done and Im just one day behind you. keep going Phil :D


Hi Phil :D

You are doing really well and on day 5 already as you say almost a week so the worst is almost over after that it starts to get better and before you know it you will be counting in months not days and weeks

I am sure I speak for the others when I say you are very welcome just hang in there




Thanks guys, its people like urselves that make me want to stay stopped - why did I ever go back to smoking in the first place? oh well I didn, but this time I will NOT go back not EVER!!!!!!

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement.


keep it up!!!!

Well done Phil and Congrats on reaching day 5.

You sound alot better today. Its true, just take it day by day and you will get through it :D.

All the very best to you!!!




Hi Phil

Sorry to hear you had a bad crave day yesterday but glad to hear you beat it and are still smoke-free.

All the best

Keep on keeping the faith


Jan xx


day 5

Keep going Phil it's excellent.. you got through your horrible time and iF that should creep up again you know it will pass...

Nic you have done amazing for sooo long it's brilliant. Lovely that you are still using the forum for yourself and as support for us newees.....It's so good and helpful to have support from you guys..


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