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Day Two Success!!

Well getting to the end of day 2, i was going to use nicotine gum as a treat when I really wanted a cig but now seem to be chewing through the gum constantly, I had really bad jaw ache last night!! but I went to a party and just realised how much I must have smelled after each cigarette when people came back in, my non smoking boyfriend was an angel for kissing me when I smelt like that. Now I keep asking him how I smell, and he says, its the smell of you and its lovely. I love the fact I dont smell any more! i am craving cigs, especially just when Im getting to the end of a meal but I stick a chewing gum in as soon as Ive finished. I have never really chewed gum before this so Im hoping to be off them soon too, but not too soon as I cant go back to smoking!

I hope everyone else who is on day 2 is doing ok, Im choosing not to smoke and am feeling great, my willpower is higher than its ever been and Im just so proud of myself. got a big, non smelly grin on my face!

hope everyone else is doing ok :D:D

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hello moog-you smell nice:) well done you;)


Thanks so much, being on here really helps too.

I love putting perfume on and still being able to smell my shampoo in my hair rather than fag smoke. yey!!!


Hi Moog :D :D

Day 2 almost over well done you are doing fine and have every right to be proud of yourself just hang in there




thanks margaret, its no nice to get such positive feedback from others who understand x


will be posting in day 3 tomorrow yipee!!

off for another gum now, got jaw ache!!


Great job on day2! Toughest part almost over! AND a life time of benefits still to come..... boyfriend must be very, very pleased ;) I put on lotion the other day and was so surprised to still smell it on me a couple of hours later :D Keep it up and great going so far :)


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