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good morning all

Just a quick post to say hi to my friends on this board,durning the week I verly nearly gave up on my quit but for the help and support I recived from my friends I have come to have great time for saved me from a 60 a day hell I even went a far as buying a pack off 20 cigs I could not breathe my lung age is 90 years old and very out of breath all the time ,I but the cigs in the fire after going on this board and got a drop of ventolin so far so good thank you all very much for your help :)Jimbo

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Morning Jimbo :D

So glad you are still quit and that the Ventolin is helping your breathing

Any help I was able to give you are very welcome to

Love Margxx


Morning Jimbo

You make me happy everytime I read your post to find your still quit. You keep strong mate Im sure it can only help your lungs by not smoking.xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jimbo, so glad you didn't light up and threw them away! You are an inspiration to all of us! Keep up the good work. Hope you feel better soon.:)

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