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No Smoking Day
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Most of week 3 down! :D

Woop into my 19th day! Went out for the 1st time since quitting last night amazingly didn't want a fag at all and it was great not having to go out in the cold and drizzle all the time! :D

I don't know if it's the zyban or that i just think they work but what ever it is i'm finding it really easy this time. Never made it past 2 days before this! Lets hope it lasts! :)

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well done Dan:D I must admit i have never found going out and drinking without smoking difficult-felt strange in the early stages of my quit, as i woke up from the night before and felt clean and refreshed-even though hungover!!;)

when i smoked and went drinking the next day my mouth felt like a furry carpet yuk yuk and i used to brush my teeth 3-4 times to get rid of it!!! thank god we don't smoke any more-wayhey!!!!



Well done you!

I'm on day 18 now and had an odd evening last night but forgot my tablet the day before so explains why........

Anyway glad you are still strong and focused, i too am finding the quit easier than i expected.

Are you still on 2 a day? And hows the sleeping issue going?


I still seem to wake up with a furry mouth but i think that's a side effect of the zyban :S i hope lol.

I'm still on 2 a day i wake up a few times a night but my dreams are normal again or as normal as mine get haha.

Not really felt any better physically yet i don't cough anymore but that's about it. On the up side though i've saved money which has been used to put down a deposit for a holiday to Turkey cannot wait!! :D

Also starting to try and eat better and drink more water i actually have breakfast now where as before id have a fag and a cuppa lol.


Hi Dan,

Well done on reaching 3 weeks,I agree with the healthier eating,taking breakfast and drinking more water,you will start to feel the benefit quickly.

you will be a whole new person soon.:)


Hi Dan :D

19 days already that's brilliant well done you glad you are finding it easy could be the Zyban I used Chamoix as an aid and also found it easy to quit

The furry mouth could be the Zyban but I still wake with one sometimes and been off champix a while now so is probably just another sympton you get from quitting




hi dan,3 weeks:D doing so goodddd,,you should be so proud of youe self,,you have ,,there i say it cracked the smoking addiction,,keeping the faith tony and keep:D:D:D


Great job, Dan and Rebecca!! Both of you sound happy and determined..... this is a great time in a quit as the physical craves slowly disappear..... glad you guys are feeling good!! Keep it up :)


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