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No Smoking Day
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Come on 2nd week!

The week has gone quickly but I just feel very "obsessed" with getting this 2nd week under my belt!

I have had no cravings all week. I have put myself into a couple of "trigger" situations i.e. stood chatting to smoking friends and having a couple of glasses of wine.

Have a course next week when there will be alot of work going on in a short space of time and the last time I was there I smoked and smoked alot because of the workload, so this is going to be a good tester.

Come on Sunday so I can mark another week off!!!

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Great job, Dragon!!! You sound much, much better than I did week 2.... good for you! :)


Hi nogarD

You are doing really well week 2 almost done that's great keep up the good work



hey well done dragon


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