No Smoking Day
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Day 5

5 days in, I'm feeling really confident this is going to be the one that lasts. Tonight is my first really big test - the house party. However this time round I've decided to quit drinking for the first month aswell, as it was the drinking that always hooked me back in.

Just hope this party is ready for kolokos apple juice, grenadine and vanilla ice cream cocktails :cool:

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Hi, well done 5 days. Keep reading and posting. I think you've made a wise decision not to drink for at least the first month. Your punch sounds good, I'm sure your guests will enjoy.

Quit: Jan. 18, 2009

Method: CT


Great job on 5 days!!! Hope you have fun tonight...... definitely a good idea not to drink except of course lots of water to flush everything out quicker! You sound calm and confident.... way to go!


Hi koloko :)

5 days thats great the first week is nearly over well done enjoy yourself tonight think you are right to avoid drinks for a while keep it up



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