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Just checked my bank account after a look at my quitmeter. One is telling me I've saved £380 odd, the other seems to be questioning this amount:D

My question is, where the fook did I get the money to buy fags???

I haven't dipped into savings or used a credit card since I've stopped though, so that would suggest that I couldn't afford fags from my disposible income without using other sources to pay for other things, if that makes sense.

Bit of a bummer though I was expecting to see a reasonable increase in what I had left at the end of each month, but it also tells me that I can't start again as I can't afford to;)

More to the point, when research is telling us that many more of the lower socio-economic groups smoke, where do they get the money? I thought benefits were there to provide essentials, but that's another rant:mad:

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Rant away J5., you're entitled to....just don't smoke those pesky fags ;)

If you're feeling short of a bob or 2 Tony has a bit extra put aside :)


Hi John

I know what you mean i should be loaded but at least I can keep my head above water. i wonder how i could smoke 40 a day OMG must of been mad. For the last 6 weeks been trying to save £10 a week for when my new granchildren arrive. At least we cant start smoking again HEHE.xxxx


Hi T5

I also want to know the answer just where did I find the money for fags but seems we all did somehow or other

As Cav say's rant all you like but just leave those fags alone

My rant of the week why must people blow their smoke in my face when they know I have quit grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr doesn't bother me but it does make me cross to put it mildly

All the best



nice one cav,but all my money is tierd by the wife:(


I completely agree! I used to spend about £70 a month on ciggies as a 8-a-day smoker but where did I find that money from?

The nice thing is though, I don't feel guilty about buying brand name beans (as opposed to economy store brand) and I haven't had to use my credit card since quitting!


How the upper classes live it up eh?

Go, girl!!

Oooh we know how to live you know! I bought 'Branston' beans today for the first time in months - I was getting used to Morrison's own in the yellow can but thought we'd spoil ourselves this week!

The upkeep of the mansion and the servants wages are always such a bind, especially in this current economic climate :rolleyes:


I haven't saved anything either, I spent all mine on aniseed balls:eek: My tongue is permanently burgundy coloured:D


I hope you're talking about the sweets ... :D

I hope so too:p, TBH I haven't seen any other types of balls in a while:(.


Surely there is only one brand of baked beans - Heinz.

Talk of the current economical situation always reminds me of this:

Nothing is sacred. Even those who arrange and design shrubberies are under considerable economic stress at this period in history.



yvette,you want to get out more often;):):D,,aniseed balls indeed,tuc,,tuc lol tony


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