No Smoking Day

Today is day 5 :o)))

Huge big grin here... I', SO pleased!

Yesterday was almost 'crave free', which really surprised me after the day before and the irritable mummy moments!

Today i feel really positive and can't wait to visit my dad and tell him :)

I am nibbling more... especially sweets( werthers are my 'crave' moment fix!.. But I don't really care- a few sweets in place of all those contest!

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Morning minnie

Soooooooooooooo pleased for you hun day 5 already you will be starting week two before you know it. Bet your Dad will be so proud of you. You sound so pleased with yourself and you bloody should be. Dont for get to give yourself a little treat.xxxxxx


Well done minx!!

so pleased for you, i really am-nearly a week!!! which will soon turn to a month, stay focused and determined and you will not fail xxxx


Hi Minnie :D :D

You sound really upbeat this morning I am so pleased for you and as you say a few sweets are far better than all that muck and if you gain a little weight at first so what can lose it later when you have really settled into quit

Love Margxxx


Nice one Minx,

Sounds like you have climbed the hardest part of the mountain.

Its a great feeling isn't.

I had a couple of glasses of wine last night and was surprised that I did not actually want a cigarette with it.

Someone once said to me that when giving up smoking there are 2 monsters, a 24hour one, which is the hardest fight and the 6 month monster, this is the one that catches you by surprise, when you think you are totally not addicted but just decide to try it again to see what its like, and this is the dangerous slippery slope one.

I guess the trick is to never ever put one in your mouth again and you will be fine. Sounds obvious, but its how so many fail I hear.

All the best and enjoy a smoke free weekend, catch up on Monday for the start 2nd week.




Well done to you too Phill. Has you said only the weekend and your both on week two hardest part over and out. CONGRATS.xxxxx


Day 5 for you !

Well done for geting to day 5, thats so good and as linda advised me its baby steps rether than looking too far ahead. im on day 3, well iv been yoga and am now having a strange 'urge' and 'feeling' for a fag although im not craving and im not going to stick the filth in my mouth whatsoever. the 'feeling' will pass and even if it does creep up every hour or so its gone after a minute or 2 so it get can get right lost out of my life eventually cos its getting no respite from me..........(one of my mad trains of thought there)...

you are doing so great and im probably feeling a bit how you had felt--notice i said that in past tense, thats cos uv been here and got through so u need to carry on and let me get strenght from you and all the other lovelies on here....thank you all, margareth linda minx etc you're all fantastic support for partner has also stopped yesterday too which is even better (partly cos he couldn find the back door key to pop in the garden for a smoke) as between us wel save not only our hwalth but lots of money as well that wed have been as good as burning !!



Your doing great hun. Just remember the first week is the hardest the craves will get less and less as the days go by.xxxxxx


Well done! Keep up the good work. It will only get easier(not to say there are not moments, but few and far between and brief). Keep reading and posting. Reading in this forum has really helped me as well as reading and

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