No Smoking Day
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Are you OK Fleetwood?

Are you ok Fleetwood?

You normally post everyday but haven't posted for a couple of days now.

Today is your 51st day! :D

I posted the following in one of your recent threads but I don't think you saw it so I'll put it here...

Keep going your own way Fleetwood, dont stop thinking about tomorrow because in five days you will have completed 8 weeks.

No longer will smoking be an albatross around your neck. You have finally broken the chain.

Oh well, it isn't black magic woman, no, it's what dreams are made of.

You can't go back to your family man ever again and tell him you have started smoking again. Tusk! That would never do!

I bet at the start you were crying out "save me" from these nicotine sticks and their little lies.

Everywhere you look you may see people smoking but, as long as you follow the golden rule NOPE, no questions asked, you will achieve a landslide victory which will feel more spectacular than one of the seven wonders.

They say that heroes are hard to find, but the rumours are that you are one of them.

If you are thinking that this post is "over my head", spend a little time and read this post again.

How many singles or albums from your favourite band can you spot? :D

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Thanks Captain that is the most fantastic post i couldnt of put it better myself. Xx I was just going to post my thread still no fags and yes day 51. I have been rather busy so posting when i get a chance. Many thanks Captain. Jacqui


well done Jacqui, glad you are still with us:D


:) Thank you Shojam.:)


:eek:Oh i spelt your name wrong its Capitan not Captain. Sorry,:)


:eek:Oh i spelt your name wrong its Capitan not Captain. Sorry

That's ok Jockey ;) :p :D


hehe thanks CAPITAN.


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