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No Smoking Day
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Day 1: The Saga of No Smoke

Hello everyone the names Steven and I figured now was a good time to quit smoking after a wake up call. So after eagerly opening my nicotine patch I decided to do some research on the internet about others experiences. Which lead me here and to this post.

I've been a smoker since I was 13 and am now 20 approaching 21. Looking at it corrupting my lungs for almost 8 years wasn't the smartest move I've ever made ;). But regardless it's better to stop today than tomorrow.

The patch itself (I'm now on Day 2 but figured id leave it until day 3 to post in the Day 2 forum) worked superb. I have tried quitting like the majority of smokers, numerous times but without success. The best smoke free run I had was two and a half weeks. Using different patches to the ones I'm currently using (which are NiQuitin ones for those who are interested). I had tried the NiQuitin patches before and they had not worked all that well for me but I now leave that down to state of mind. Before I didn't want to quit now I do I've a totally different attitude towards doing so.

As my first craving came along I put a slab of non nicotine gum in my mouth (something I've decided to do, sadly I didn't have any polo's handy otherwise I'd have eaten 'em instead) and began looking at how others deal with quitting. I came across many good quotes such as "My body wanted to smoke but I didn't" from a youtube video of a lady who quit using the gum, and "1000's of people die a day from smoking but 0 from not" these both inspired me and did for a while at least ease the cravings. Which now leads me to believe keeping myself occupied is the key to beating the nicodemon.

The first day went extremely well. I have not cleared out all of my lighters, empty boxes or ash trays as of yet but it's a real test of will power having it about. I've friends who smoke so what better way to get used to being around smokers and smoking gear :) I do remember being a little cranky somewhere down the line before so I'm expecting that to happen once my body works out I am no longer going to pay to kill it, but hey like I said so far so good!

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well done !!!!

the first few days are very hard but you have to be in the correct mindset to give up smoking.

the nico addication will grab you at all times and will generally last for a few mins.

you will get advice from everyone here and the advice is honest and at times blunt but nearly 4 months down the road and i was a heavy smoker killing myself with up to 80 roll ups a day for 28 years i am glad to say i am a non smoker but there are still moments when i think about picking up a ciggie and having a good smoke but the craving passes very quickly and the non smoking mind set kicks in.

i decided not to use patches because i did not want nicatine in my system so went with champix instead which worked for me a treat and i suggest that you read up on this and make your own mind up.

about a month ago i smoked 3 ciggies for no good reason and resigned myself to the fact that my non smoking days were over but after looking at my computer quit meter i asked myself why would i chuck all that work in the bin and since then my resolve has got stronger and not touched a ciggie since.

so my mindset weakened and i caved in but as long as you learn from that then its not a problem.

would like to say best of luck with your quit but luck has nothing to do with giving up smoking.

you either want to or you dont, the choice is yours the rest is just the nico demon and excuses.




Hi Steven. Congratulations on giving up. You've done great to get this far.

Keeping the smoking paraphernalia around the place may seem like a good idea, but honestly mate, you will have so many chances to test your resolve that you don't set-up yourself, that in my opinion there's no need to put yourself through any more torture than you need to.

Chuck it all out, all of it. Don't just give it away either, break it smash it and throw it away. See it as liberating yourself from smoking. There's no need to keep any reminders or souveniers of that old disgusting habit. You're never going to use them again and if you're like the rest of us then smoking no longer deserves the time of day for you to think about it. Chuck it out!

Keep yourself busy by reading, or eating, you can always shed the pounds later but you can't grow a new pair of lungs, it's a healthier option.

Take it one step at a time, take care of yourself, get enough sleep and eat properly etc, and try not to put yourself in any situations where you may feel tempted to smoke, at least not for a few more weeks.


Forgot to say, well done timothy that's brilliant! . . I really mean it!

I must've given up 100 times in my smoking history.

One time I gave up for 9 months, started again for just a couple of days, not a big deal right? But then my attitude was all wrong and instead of thinking like you, like 'look at all the progress I've made, a few days isn't a big deal' instead the smoking wanted back in and made me think 'I've completely ruined everything I've done, I've failed, I'm back to square one' and consequently went back on 20 a day like I'd never given up. Wish I had the rational thinking you had, could've given up years ago.

For me now it's all or nothing, I choose nothing. No way I'm ever even thinking about having just one, ever again.

Well done to you mate


Hi Steven

Well done on day 3 of your quit and well done on the decision to stop Like you I had many tries at giving up non worked my longest was 1 year over 20 years ago but then my Hubby died and first thing I did was get a fag from a nurse and light up end of quit

Apart from that year I have smoked for 50 years but with the help of the people on this forum I have stopped and know I will never smoke again I am so much stronger now

You will find all the help and encouragement you need on here as we all help each other I do not think it a good idea to leave the lighters etc around you they may prove to much of a temptation at this early stage

I threw out my last pkt half full having put it in a bowl of water to thoroughly soak first still have lighter as I use candles to watch the telly by and the ashtray in a cupboard for smoking friends who have to take it and themselves outside and before they go they have to wash it up not because I would be tempted but I want nothing more to do with that filthy habit

Hear are 2 links I find really helpful whyquit.com and wolfmang.com

you should read a lot the posts on here and click on links you will find in a lot of the posts reading will help you a lot

All the best



Hi Steven

Huge well done getting to day 3, you sound very positive, and determind to quit and quit for good this time, you are right in what you say that you really do have to want to quit for it to be sucessful..half hearted attempts will just lead to failure.

I only wish that i had quit when i was your age instead of 20 years later.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.




Well day three has been very very strange. Much like day two. They say cravings last 3-5 mins but I will have to call that a bluff. Yesterday (day two) felt like one long crave. Today however has felt much the same, sadly I caved in about 15 mins ago. Smoked it down to half and threw it, figured a job worth doing is a job well done.

So that's basically where I am. I'm still determined to quit and I will no chance I'm gonna start again. Heck if I was I would have had the whole one right :)?


Hi Steven

So about an hour ago you smoked half a fag and threw the rest away and as you say a job worth doing is worth doing well right

So now will you chuck the smoking stuff away ashtrays, lighters etc away so you won't be tempted again and if you really can't bring yourself to do that at least put it out of sight and preferably outside somewhere

All the best



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