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Day 1 in the No smoking house


Earlier this morning (can't get that Geordie chap's voice out of my head lol) when I got up I felt refreshed and positive I can do this. Afternoon was a breeze. Coming towards teatime I got aggitated and restless. After tea much worse, the emotional feeling of wanting to quit but really wanting to smoke was so strong. Now I feel blank, like there is something I should do but can't remember what. I feel I should be stuffing myself with chocolate but I have had enough today.

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Hiya Sozi, well done on your first day :) Keep going you're doing great, stay positive - you CAN do this...

Denise x


A very warm welcome to the Forum. I wish you all the very best as you start your quit journey.

What you have described sounds pretty normal for a first day on this quitting malarkey. My advice, please, please don't look too far ahead, baby steps.

Drink plenty water, grapefruit juice. Excercise, lots of nice walks, fresh air, and early nights in the first few weeks.

Fi x

Thank you. I managed 4 days a couple of months ago but I weakened when my partner and daughter decided not to quit. This time I chose my own date and my own victory not a shared fail

Aww thanks x. Nice to talk gibberish and not be deemed as a fail because you did last time. I have tried 3 times since Xmas but made this date my real 1 since I wanted to prepare myself instead of 'Let's just quit today'

Alan Carr I listened to a couple of weeks ago and I think it has helped

Hi Soziberry,

A warm welcome to the forum and to say that if you stay strong you won't fail, it'll be made all the more enjoyable if you come on this forum as much as you can though on account of the fact that its full of nutters! :D

Take it one day at a time and rant, waffle, scream, joke around on here as often as you like. The beauty of this place is there is always someone posting! :)

Wishing you strength

Molly x

substitute to smoking

I have often thought about something to replace smoking as a sort of compromise. I have never found that substitute that totally takes away the wanting to smoke. Perhaps I never will.

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