Feeling Confident.....alcohol may be a problem

Hi All, well I've had a pretty stable week this last week and am feeling pretty good about being into my third week, although I have had the occasional craving...

Yesterday morning for example I had to take my dad to the airport very early, he had been visiting me for the last 2 weeks which prompted me to start my quit 2 in the first place as I've always found it easier to quit when I have someone else around (I live on my own most of the time).

Anyway, so for the last 2 weeks my main reason for not smoking if you like was that my dad was here, so of course as soon as he left I had a very strong urge to go to the nearest service station on the way home and get a packet of ciggs. Managed to resist though and made it home and back to bed without any incident.

The big worry that I have now is what to do when I'm out for a drink or two, as I know that as soon as I get a couple of pints in my system and I'm around friends that all smoke my resolve will fly out the nearest window! It also doesn't help that here in Spain its perfectly legal to smoke in bars and restaurants.

So the question is what is the best way of dealing with this? Is it just like the first week of a quit where after a few times of resisting when out, the cravings will disappear, or will this always be a problem?

Any thoughts would be appreciated, this is as much of a random ramble of thoughts on my part as a question so thanks for reading if you've made it this far down the post!

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  • Hi Mike

    I would try and avoid that enviroment for the first couple of weeks as your resolve can lower once under the influence of alcohol.

    I have found that each difficult situation i have challenged has made me strronger and i now dont really give ciggys a 2nd thought when out with friends that smoke.

    I still believe the key to suceeding is by changing your thought patterns, once you see ciggys as something that do nothing but poison your body, ruin your health...etc etc you will then find these situations easier to deal with.

    Good Luck :)



  • Hi Mike :D

    Into your third week that's great well done you

    To answer your question about the booze no it won't always be a problem but for now I would avoid going for a drink since you obviously know yourself well

    A drink and a fag go together just like strawberries and cream so what I would do is have a drink at home if you want one at least for a while that way you will come to not associate the 2 together if that makes sense and it will not take long, then when you do go for drink just have one or at most 2 so you won't be tempted

    Well done for resisting the urge to buy a packet when your dad left You will find as Denise say's that each time you beat back an urge to smoke you will get stronger

    Meanwhile whynot read some of the posts on here you will find lots of tips and links to other sites to help you Here are 2 I find very good whyquit.com and wolfmang.com

    Just hang in there

    Good Luck


  • Hi Mike....

    I so agree with Denise...... changing your thought patterns is the most important thing..... if you go to a bar in a few weeks and look at your friends and have ciggy envie, then you will feel deprived and give the ciggy power that it doesn't even have..... if you look at them as a drug that makes you have to get a fix over and over, you won't want to smoke! Good luck!

  • Yeah, what the others have said about changing your perspective on ciggys.

    Stay away from trigger situations until you feel able to handle them. You can get into a stronger position by read, read, reading what's happening to you whilst you're going through your quit.

  • Thanks for all the advice guys, I think the idea about just having a couple makes perfect sense until I can begin to change my thought patterns.

    Also having a drink at home every now and then to start the process off. I had a good practice last night with a lovely bottle of chilean cabernet sauvignon!

  • Hi Mike :D

    Hope you enjoyed that bottle of wine? stay smoke free you will soon get used to seperating the two

    All the best


  • Hi Marg, it was excellent thanks! Although I have to say that a bottle of wine is far too easy to drink.. I mean you only really get 2 good glasses out of it dont you? :eek:

    Its been tougher today than it has been for a week or so actually as today has been my first real day of being back to work (I'm self employed so had an easy few weeks while my dad was here), there have been a number of occasions today where I have been slightly stressed by something had felt like I needed a smoke.

    Have not been anywhere near actually going to have one but upto today it has been out of my mind most of the time. Still this is all part of the process. What I need to do is keep reminding myself to take breaks through the day as usually my breaks would be for a ciggy and now I if I'm not careful I tend to just keep working for hours and then wonder why I'm getting stressed out!!

  • Hi Mike

    Glad you enjoyed the wine but you're right a bottle doesn't go far

    Today was bound to be tough as you say first real day back after having your dad there with you and as well you will be missing him and the company

    Even though you have been a bit stressed you have resisted that urge to light up and that is good but do try and take a break from work maybe you could take short walk which might help just keep on saying no to that urge and I promise it will get easier

    Just hang in there


  • I certainly will make an effort to take regular breaks through the day.

    I'll be going out for my daily 30km bike ride in a few mins so that will soon get rid of any stresses of the day :D

  • Hi Mike :D

    Glad to hear you are going to take regular breaks

    enjoy the bike ride my son Stuart likes his bike as well soon be doing a hundred mile sponsored ride round Norfolk

    I haven't ridden a bike in years but have started dancing again


  • Wow, 100 miles, thats a long trip I hope he does well.

    Good news about the dancing my Spanish teacher is always trying to get me to try some salsa lessons but so far I'm managed to resist ;)

    Anyway, have a good evening and thanks again for today!


  • Hi Mike

    You are very welcome for yesterday hope you feel better and able to cope today remember to take those breaks even if you take a short walk instead of sitting down


  • well done mike on your quit ,,take it slow with the drinking to begen with,,enjoy your bike ride,,keep the faith tony

    marg hope you have those happy feet,,tap tap tap:D:D

  • Hi Tony :D

    I certainly intend to keep those feet tapping but if I am to tap dance will have to get lessons from 3 grand daughters ballet to if you like they do both on second thoughts think i'll stick with ballroom and maybe a bit od rock and roll thrown in

    Where I go only they only have one once a month and the march one has been cancelled as the bloke that runs it is on holiday inconsiderate I reckon but they do have on sometimes on a Friday night so may go then next one on 13th so reckon I will give that a miss Still smiling :D :D



  • hi marg you take things nice and slow,,we are not getting any younger as they say:D:D ,,you can not beat the good old rock and roll,now thats what i call dancing:cool:,,keep the faith tony keep:D

  • Hi Tony

    Take things as slow as I can anyway can only do so much before I have to sit but am much better now and getting stronger every week even a month ago could not have danced so shall stick to ballroom for a bit but I love rock and roll oh and the twist used to be good at that but as you say not as young as I was :D :D

    Keeping the faith

    Love Margxxx

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