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last post in month 4/5

hi all, i am now 12 weeks & 2 days done( i think or thereabouts)

I would like to thank everyone for support on my quit, im not just saying this but everyone whos supported me with advice & help have made a difference

Has from title without further ado & without going into detail, I would like to say goodbye. I have took what i need from this forum to be with me always & I want to remember it has good,

its kind of like leaving a concert early,you always want more & is remembered has a good time

Sorry if ive upset anyone on the way, it wasnt intentional & i also hope ive made people smile too & been in agreement with thoughts & feelings x

take care all, & if i make it to the penthouse i will promise to do a post x


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Hi KitKat a big well done on your quit so far :)

I agree this forum really helps with our quits.

Im sad to see you going as i would be anybody but it seems like you have made your mind up.Good luck with your quit and do keep us updated on your big milestones if you can.If you change your mind dont be afraid to come back :confused:


Hey KitKat.....good luck and keep strong....try and let us know along the way how you are going...Take care...Kez.xxxx



Kitkat-don't go:(, don't let any thing bother you or stop you using the forum.... I must find out what happened to Ronnie wood , Axl Rose and Juanita the sex addict .....I for one really want to know!!

Ignore , there are plenty of people on here......

I wasn't aware we were all on a perfect grammar and spellin forum anyways...As you said this is a place where we should be asking for support and trying to give it where possible.


Hi KitKat :)

I'm sorry you feel it necessary to leave the forum and hope when you feel able you'll return here I'll miss you and your posts and comments

Well done on your 12 + weeks I know how hard it has been for you at times but you know now that you can stay smoke free no matter what life throws at you

You've proved that many times already but especially over this past couple of days


Marg xxxxx


Sorry to see you go KitKat, i know you will stay strong, and we will miss you. you have made me smile many times. Hope you can come back now and again to let us know when you make the biggies.


Hi kitkat

Sorry to hear you have felt the need to leave the forum. I hope that you reconsider over the next few days and come back to those of us who enjoy our little chats with you. We need to know if you pass your driving test next time around :D Please don't let someone else's ignorance push you out.

You have played a big part in my quit and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

Take care babes and I hope you are back soon telling us all how well you are doing.

Big Hugs

Carol xxxxx



Big congrats on your 12 weeks hunnie. Please dont leave babes I also read that very BAD post you recived and think you should just ignore it your worth more than that. We are here for you when ever you need us.xxxxx


hey kitkat -

i hope you are not gone forever, I too decided to leave but changed my mind after realising that I was strong enough to put up with some comments and people that were negative for the sake of the good people and them that still needed a helping hand in making as far as us.

its hard when you're going through the delicate parts of your quit to put up with it and if you need to leave for a bit then do but for what its worth i've enjoyed your posts and support and hope that if you still read this without logging in from time to time that you read this and consider coming back!


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